Third abnormal hole detected on Taimyr

The third anomalous hole discovered in TaimyrA photo from open sources

The press became aware of the third release of permafrost and funnel formation beyond the Arctic Circle. All three holes are gaping approximately at a latitude of 70 degrees. According to scientists, perhaps there will be new holes are still open. A strange natural phenomenon explains world-famous cryologist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Melnikov.

The second one. Most likely, it was an underground explosion of swamp gas or shale gas. The black hole studied by experts may turn into a lake .. Photo: Government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Earlier it was reported about two “holes” – on the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas. The third was found on the Taimyr Peninsula, at the mouth of the Yenisei. It is not far from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Here I discovered a funnel in April 2012, on the way to the traditional deer ferry hunter Stanislav Japtune. Strictly vertical hole with a diameter of four meter shocked the discoverer depth. He, according to him, lowered the load on a 100-meter rope, but did not reach the bottom.

The soil was scattered up to 900 meters from the epicenter ejection. For comparison: on the Yamal Peninsula, the maximum mark is 120 meters, but here the diameter of the crater is huge. Near Bovanenkovo ​​from Earth flew like a heavy cannonball, and near the Yenisei – rifle bullet. The mass of ejected soil can only be judged by fresh tracks. With the onset of summer, lumps in which the ice content reaches 80 percent, begin to melt intensively.

Director of the Earth Cryosphere Institute, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Melnikov explained to why in some areas permafrost can occur such unpleasant tricks: “In In the freezer, the fish seems as solid as stone. Put her in refrigerator compartment – it softens. So with the ground. A certain friability appears, many micropores increase at the rate of. And now imagine: under an impenetrable earthly shell on a rather shallow depth is a small accumulation of methane. is he is in a cavity trap, under pressure, tears out, but frozen it holds. When pores appear, the gas expands them, begins to burn his tracks upstairs, and then with all his might throws into the air a multimeter ice mass. Apparently, we witnessed just such a process. ”

The second funnel is located on another peninsula – Gydansky, not far from the coast of the Taz Bay. The diameter of the crater is significantly less than the very first, about 15 meters. According to allegations nomads, a funnel appeared at the end of September last year. They simply did not make this fact publicly known. And when they heard about a similar phenomenon on a neighboring peninsula, then told about it to local authorities. State farmers confirm the identity of Gydansk and Yamal natural formations. By the way, and remoteness from They do not differ much in the Arctic Circle. Externally, except for the sizes, everything is very similar. Experts attribute failure to explosive the release of gas into the atmosphere during the displacement of formation ice. Brings them in motion, in particular, a sharp warming in the Arctic.

The “first” hole was found in the Bovanenkovo ​​area. “Hole” has about 40 meters in internal diameter and about 60 – in the upper boundary of the crater. Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences from Institute of the Earth’s Cryosphere, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Marina Leibman interprets this phenomenon in the GEO Magazine: “From my point of view view, very warm 2012 – and it was anomalously warm for this area – led to an increase in permafrost temperature. Thereby raising some regular marsh gas that is there widespread even in the upper part of the permafrost, freed, expanded and burst out, taking out part of the rock, ice and all that was there. ”

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