“This is not the Sun”: a bright glow in the sky surprised eyewitnesses

Photos from open sources

Imagine that you are watching the sunset on the beach and near the setting sun suddenly shoves much brighter glow, the appearance of which is impossible to find rational explanations. You will surely be amazed to the limit, like eyewitnesses the picture captured in the video below.

A photo from open sources

It’s known that the video was recently received somewhere in the south hemispheres, where the grace summer season is now. Group vacationers watched the sunset and suddenly noticed over the horizon, to the left of the sun, the dazzling radiance of the incredible sizes. Witnesses of this spectacular spectacle did not know that and think, but the users of the World Wide Web, who are already soon received a video about this unique phenomenon, immediately born some guesses.

Some regulars on the Web thought it was legendary the planet Nibiru has approached the Earth. According to others, all the fault alien activity. Still others are sure that before us is rare atmospheric phenomenon is simply unexplored, since nature in lately has been throwing us riddle after riddle. If you believe fourth, it was the result of using climate weapons, because of which, in our world, so many natural anomalies have appeared. Fifths do say that we live in an illusory world, and this is one thing from the manifestations of its imperfection, a sort of malfunction “Matrices”. Or vice versa, a demonstration of unlimited possibilities of this “space” program …

The sun

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