This year’s first British lap is discovered on field

Discovered the first British circle this yearA photo from open sources

United Kingdom is a record country for the number of appearance of mysterious crop circles. Some people think that Foggy Albion somehow attracts representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. According to others, here lives the most mystifiers, creating similar art on the crops. If to believe the third, then the British government is at fault for everything, secretly involved in drawing patterns on cornfields with the aim of discredit ufologists.

Be that as it may, the next “crop circle season” officially opened here on May 22 after an amazing education on wheat crops were discovered near the English city Warminster, county Wiltshire. Perfectly symmetrical pattern represents several concentric rings with two circles opposite each other, superimposed on the outer ring. Turning on the video below, received by a drone with a camera, you You can see this art yourself.

As expected, the circles on the field immediately attracted attention Ufologists and other enthusiasts – researchers of this phenomenon, going here to inspect the alleged anomaly. The find, surprisingly, interested reputable scientists with world names.

So, the American-Australian physicist and biologist Dr. Horace R. Drew wrote on his website that he carefully studied everything pictures and videos with the image of the drawing, but did not find there are no traces of people or equipment near him. Moreover, he had previously studied crop circles, and therefore with confidence can to say that they are not like hoaxes, people just can’t to do this even at night, even using the most advanced technology. In any case, they would have been convicted by the locals. The most amazing thing is that during the formation of mysterious drawings on fields, UFOs are not observed, that’s why the reason for their appearance is necessary seek rather in recognition of parallel worlds that are not only touch each other, but somehow feed each other signs to a friend …

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