Thought Affects Matter

There are numerous legends that the Russian Theosophist, writer and traveler Elena Blavatsky (1831-1891) possessed amazing abilities. It seems that she could extract literally from the air all sorts of useful items: food, dishes, cutlery, jewelry, embroidered handkerchiefs, books, letters and more. A photo from open sources The same thing, they say, was able to do living in Hindu saint in his ashram (abode of sages and hermits) Sathya Sai Baba. When asked where he takes all these things, Sai Baba replied: from the reality that Europeans called the subtle world. And to another question, why then saint does not eliminate hunger, helping to provide food for the poor people, the hermit spread his hands – providence gives us only an example, we must get the rest by our labor. And indeed, if fruits that Sai Baba took out of nowhere, immediately eaten, then the jewels that he materialized and with gave ease to others, after some time without a trace evaporated. It involuntarily recalls the fulfillment of a miracle by Jesus Christ, who fed several thousand people with two loaves of bread and five fish, but the Savior did this only once. At everyone who heard about the skills of Blavatsky and Sai Baba, immediately the thought arises that this may be a trick or a slick fraud. However, the experiments of other “wizards” refute this opinion. Say, an English medium of the 19th century D.D. Hume committed spiritualistic sessions in daylight, which is almost completely excluded scam and forgery. Bells in the presence of Hume rang, books flew like birds. And once the medium took off itself. Observers were struck by the impact of Hume on a musical instrument – harmonica. The medium enclosed her in a metal basket so that there was not the slightest doubt – this is reality, not focus. According to Hume’s mental order, the harmonica itself performed various tunes. HELLER’S PHENOMENON AND EXPERIENCE OF SCHMIDT IN THE 70S XX centuries at Stanford Research Institute were conducted scientific experiments with the famous psychic Uri Geller, during which he bent and broke metal objects, erased tape recorder, made things disappear and appear again and so on. His experiments with radish seeds. During these experiments, Geller exerted will made the seeds germinate, and then with the same effort he returned the sprouts back under the peel of a seed. For several Uri’s parapsychic abilities have been tested in a wide variety of laboratories of the world, until scientists are convinced that this is not hypnosis, not an illusion, not a suggestion effect, not a fraud and an awkward trick, but real psychophysical phenomena. A American physicist Helmut Schmidt in 1971 conducted an original experiment with the so-called stimulator of random events – a device that spontaneously gave out various signals. The purpose of the experiment was to put an end to in the question: does thought affect matter or not. Generation and random numbers were fixed by the device without participation person. The operator, as conceived by Schmidt, was to influence by force wills and thoughts to increase the number of signals alone and to reduction of others. And he completely succeeded, although the laws traditional physics, it would seem, completely ruled out such opportunity. The experimental results definitely showed that thought affects matter. Random processes complemented here interference with the consciousness of an outside observer. THE EFFECT MAHARISHI This materializing principle was established by the Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the second half of the XX century. July-August 1979 years of Maharishi, before that more famous for friendship with the famous The Beatles, who were his students, gathered in one place (state Massachusetts, USA) over two thousand of its supporters to team focus on one single thought. As a result the number of accidents in this state decreased by 6.5%, violent crimes – by 3.4%, air crashes – by 20.8% compared with control numbers. Similar experiments were conducted in the Philippines, in Canada, Australia and the UK, Israel and other countries, everywhere demonstrating the influence of collective thought on matter. According to researchers, the Maharishi effect is a phenomenon collective consciousness, working at the level of a group, society, country, people, the entire population of the world as a whole. Main condition here – so that individual consciousnesses act in concert, in unison. When there is no coherence and, on the contrary, there is polarization feelings, moods and opinions – this can lead to adverse social and physical consequences: wars, revolutions, earthquakes, man-made disasters. There is also a number reports of the directed influence of collective meditation on the weather. The Placebo Method and the Anthropic Principle of Participation in Psychotherapy the placebo method is widely known, namely, that the patient instead of real medicine they give a “dummy” – harmless and not a substance having no physiological effect the appearance of the medicine and packaged like a real drug. Placebo is used, for example, when for one reason or another it is required to save the patient from the side effects of drugs. AND that’s what turned out – in many cases, placebo didn’t heal at all worse than a genuine drug. Physicians and psychologists previously explained this solely by the susceptibility of patients to suggestion, not realizing that there are other reasons. To them refers to the so-called materialization effect triggered by thought and the words of the doctor. The result is a completely inactive drug has the same physiological effect as active. A similar effect is widely and not without success used not only in medicine, but also, say, in psychology, in the media information. So it turns out that thought really affects matter, not only locally, but also globally. In 1983, the American theoretical physicist John Wheeler formulated “Anthropic principle of participation”: “Observers are necessary for gaining The universe of being. “This formulation is based on the assumption that the observed laws of nature are not the only real ones existing, that is, there must be real Universes with other the laws. Wheeler’s “anthropic principle of participation” means that Universes without a sensible observer do not acquire the status of reality. The reason for this is that only the observer is able to implement the translation of the set of possible states into one, real. Quite authoritative theorists have come to the conclusion that the observer’s consciousness is the same necessary element of the Universe as it is itself, and precisely the mental activity of man creates the universe. Arkady Vyatkin

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