Thoughts are real power

Usually they rush in the head in a continuous stream, like a herd wild horses. They take us and carry us, carry us, it’s not known where, excite feelings, deprive sleep. And even – health … Therefore It’s useful for everyone to learn to tame them, to use for their own benefit. And, above all, to heal your body and spirit. Photo from open sources The human subconscious is a storehouse of knowledge. All information received by our senses, all thoughts and sensations born in it. Our super-sensual abilities are hidden in it, the whole experience of our past lives. I wish I could learn to use everything it is constant and in full force, then each of us would feel yourself superman. Yes, the subconscious mind has tremendous power, but, alas, not friends with our mind. It is noted that it hears best and accepts our requests in a state of half-wakefulness – drowsiness, when the brain least interferes with the subconscious, does not drown it “herd of thoughts.” This is the first. In addition, the subconscious mind – the creature is simple and straightforward, it understands everything literally. If he repeating: “I do not want to get sick anymore,” it can only catch “get sick more” and you will get more sick. You need say clearly and definitely what you want. For example: “I feel you’re wonderful! “,” I’m getting better and better every day, “etc. This – second. Therefore, “work on yourself” is best before going to bed or just waking up, already or already in a drowsiness condition. Then it is necessary to instill in the subconscious many times the same thing. and you will get what you want. The mindset for the subconscious: “I – rich, I am worthy, I love you, I am full of love worthy of love and loved (loved). I will achieve everything and get everything is complete. Everything I need to know is open to me. Everything, that I need comes to me in perfect temporal and spatial sequence. Life brings me joy and love. I am healthy (healthy) and full (full) of energy, youth, strength. I succeed in everything I do. I want to change and grow spiritually. ” therefore, psychologists and psychiatrists, and many centuries before them – yoga and saints, – taught and continue to teach people: “Think positively! Drive out the head of black wine and evil! Think bright! “American parapsychologist D. Sage explains that thoughts should be considered special type of energy that affects the state of our souls and bodies. Therefore their can be called psychophysical energy. This energy is daily born in our brain, spreads throughout the body throughout organs and systems and radiated outward. Thought is a force that makes us act. Positive, kind thoughts generate Good. Angry or indifferent open the way to Evil. Listen to Sage believes: at the age of 77, he cured all illnesses and based on He wrote his best-selling book, Live to 100, from his own experience. “The energy of thought always carries some information clothed in mental images or thoughtforms, as Theosophists have called them since the 19th century. Such a name appeared because any thought is not just an idea, it is always fused with feeling. This is how a person works, he cannot think passionlessly that is why wishing someone harm or misfortune may lead to the fact that a person himself will fall into a situation where, being unable to withstand the circumstances, it turns out they the victim. The same thing happens with positive thoughts. They are lead to good results because they literally attract positive circumstances and events. But some circumstances few. You need to really want something so that desire fulfilled. And what does it mean to really want? So invest in your desire is a lot of energy. If a person thinks about something constantly, day and night, longing for something, desire, as it were materializes (it actually takes shape in the astral world) and “leads us on the trail” – to those situations in which desire sooner or later come true. Therefore, we can safely say: “Thought – it’s a form of energy by which we build our destiny. ” who often thinks about their illnesses, troubles, often talks about it, in in the end they will be called. Simple ailments if about them constantly think turn into chronic and chronic begin to aggravate. So, a specialist in Ayurveda D. Chopra writes that he observed thousands of patients in preinfarction condition. In a family where benevolence reigned, positive emotions, the sick were healed, and where rudeness ruled and anger, where they constantly talked about diseases, patients died. Probably everyone noticed that when we get sick, we start very carefully, even touching, treat your illness. In fact it must not be protected, but driven! When they say: “treat cancer”, “treat diabetes “,” treat gastritis “, etc., we set ourselves up for careful attitude to the focus of the disease. Why take care of it? Need him destroy! The question is how to do this? We’ll talk about this now. Healing with thought. Even ancient yogis knew that each cell of our body, a group of cells of each organ possess independent thinking that subconsciously controls the work organs. Of course, the concept of cellular thinking appeared only in XX century, but in other terms, this idea has existed since ancient times. The disease, yoga is taught, is a consequence of the disorder of cellular thinking. Everything is very simple: we think wrong, the subconscious mind is wrong understands us and gives the wrong orders to the cells. How in proverb: “The fish rots from the head.” Hence the conclusion: if by the power of thought awaken the organs and make them think correctly, then the organ is recovering. You can do this by stroking or lightly. patting the location of the diseased organ. The fact is that the thinking of cells in its level corresponds to the level of small a child. Therefore, we must state our requirements clearly and clearly, as usual we persuade and convince the naughty child. Can heal yourself mentally, but experience has shown that it’s better to do it with using words. During treatment, focus on transmission mental order to the organs, present this organ in your imagination and get in touch with him. The smartest and most subtle the feeling is the heart. It quickly perceives the order, but to him Be sure to handle friendly and very gentle. Intestine – patient and obedient. The liver is stupid and stupidity. All this, for thousands of years, yogis have been repeating, treatment. The treatment of internal organs and systems, skin, limbs, heads, etc. held daily 5-10 minutes for 1 to 4 weeks. Results usually begin to show in a month. Consider this technique on the example of healing heart disease. Moreover, for our treatment it is not at all necessary to know the medical the name of your illness. The heart still does not understand these terms. Just tell him with your hand on the heart and gently stroking it clockwise: “Sweetheart! You are bad yourself you lead, you are acting up like a spoiled child. I beg you work as expected. I feel very bad from your whims. You should restore my health. Please help. Otherwise we all (organs, cells, the whole body) will be very bad. “If the disease is started, the session of thought therapy should last 30 minutes, and even longer. When you feel relief, reduce it to 25 minutes, then 20, etc., then – up to 1 minute. Gradually in the result of systematic exercise, the heart will no longer bother you. Of course, if you take thought therapy seriously. A if you say to yourself: “Well, okay, I’ll try. But it seems to me that they are all invented … “, then with such an installation, you don’t have to wait for a miracle. If instead of taking care of your body, you will think how it’s better to expose Indian yogis, only you will become worse. All yours diseases will gnaw you further, and you will lose, maybe last hope. Yes, swallowing tablets is easier. Learn to think correctly harder. But at least try! And if you do this step, then after the heart (or the organ that you most worries) take care of the stomach. Stomach cure automatically improves bowel function. And from these two systems of our body a lot depends on many of our diseases and our health. how treat the stomach? Lie on your back and tap your knuckles on stomach in the stomach. Say at the same time: “Thought, wake up!” Stroking the stomach with your hand, order the stomach thought: “Gastric thought, I wish you woke up and looked after it well body. You acted wrong, you are not careful enough performed her duties. I demand the right action to the stomach has become strong, healthy and efficient. I demand that he acted as it should, and you must follow this. You must monitor the proper digestion and nutrition of the whole body, you must eliminate everything harmful, fit the stomach so that it works vigorously, energetically, well performed his duties. “Something like this should talk with each body – indicate exactly what is from it required. Learn to be healthy at 80 and at 100. When in this remember the two teachings of the yogis: “What we have – do not store. Ideal – like a horizon: you are approaching him, he is moving away. “Yogis can more than double life. Life is an interesting thing and worth it having to live her healthy and joyful, and not sick and as vicious as a rat. Mikhail Samokhvalov, parapsychologist “Abnormal news”

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