Three light pillars fell from the night sky

Three light pillars fell from the night skyPhotos from open sources of

They say that recently people began to notice more often various abnormal phenomena that defy logical explanation. At least they are so unusual that scientists until they can clearly interpret them.

Something similar, mysterious and difficult to explain, shot driver Justin, who was driving late, on the camera of the DVR in the evening on the road Ohio USA. He rode and rode until he suddenly noticed that three light columns are falling from the night sky (see video). No, the driver continued driving, the benefit of the highway was direct and light poles remained before the eyes to the right. Another thing is that first, Justin thought it was a glare on the windshield or some kind of dust stuck to him. But he soon realized that the mysterious light rays “hide” behind trees flickering on the sidelines and road signs, which means they really exist.

Light, as can be clearly seen, falls from the sky and is not a bit comes to the ground, so it is not like the rays of floodlights. Maybe the rays of the moon are breaking through the clouds, the American thought, and on this calmed down. Fortunately, light poles soon became blur and then completely disappeared.

However, already at home, considering the received record with these with mysterious light poles, Justin realized that he could not give rational explanation for them, since the moon was not on that evening heaven, moreover, he had never seen anything like it, but because the man just posted the material on the web for general discussion: maybe someone came across similar, but someone even knows that this is that?

Miracles always surrounded people

But the users of the World Wide Web did not come to a single opinion, what kind of light poles, however, many agreed that the American managed to remove another mysterious phenomenon, which really getting bigger and bigger in our life.

On the other hand, it is quite possible, the matter is completely different: abnormal phenomena most likely haunted people always. But before, firstly, every inhabitant of the Earth did not have a movie camera in pocket, as now, on each machine on the DVR, not to mention billions of web cameras and surveillance cameras crammed with now where it is possible and where it is impossible. Secondly, man in previous centuries perceived any abnormal phenomena as divine, and therefore often just prayed and kept quiet. And finally, only The Internet allows today so widespread any information, including abnormal phenomena, moreover discussing them on the Web makes these events more significant, which also contributes to the feeling that miracles are around and everywhere, and scientists are simply powerless to explain something to us …

Moon drivers

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