Three-year-old child prodigy easily solves math problems of high school

The three-year-old child prodigy easily solves the math problems of high schoolA photo from open sources

A three-year-old girl named Aiden lives in Washington which under the guidance of her mother Cynthia Edinig every day solves mathematical problems at the level of 4 – 5 classes of middle schools.

It’s clear that the baby doesn’t go to school yet, but every morning, barely waking up, she hurries to the home student board because enlarged by mathematics and easily improved in this exact science. For example, it is not difficult for her to solve examples with fractions and other rather difficult tasks even for a ten-year-old a child. For Aiden, it’s kind of a game that brings her a lot of joy and pleasure.

In addition, the baby is fond of chemistry, easily writes and He reads, and also loves to play chess, without difficulty, for example, beating your mom. And it all started with the fact that in two years this an unusual girl somehow suddenly suddenly learned to read and write. Her mother, who loves math, decided to try to teach her daughter more and exact sciences. And that one began to turn out just fine. Moreover, the little one does not just quickly master mathematical science, she has the ability to make complex almost instantaneous calculations in the mind.

In general, Cynthia Edinig hopes that by the time she is sent to school (and in the USA it can be done from the age of 5) her daughter will achieve this the level of development in mathematics that she will have to study in specialized educational institution, and at least from the fifth class. That’s just how it will turn out from a purely psychological point of view. view, adaptation in the collective of children, which will be significantly older than a little girl, a woman does not know yet? However, there is also home education, and seriously speaking, Aiden’s parents They believe that time itself will put everything in its place.

It remains only to hope that from this prodigy will grow a real scientist who has not lost his unique mental abilities given to him by God, nor passion for accurate sciences …

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