Three-year-old girl was among the most intelligent people on the planet

Three-year-old Alexis Martin becomes a member of the International the Mensa organization, which brings together people with the highest intelligence coefficient. The three-year-old girl was among the most intelligent people on the planetPhoto from open source Alexis Martin from Queen Creek, state of Arizona, became the youngest member of Mensa International, – reports NY Daily News. IQ Little Alexis exceeds 160 points. It is believed that this is exactly what IQ had Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. For comparison, the average person’s intelligence level is about 100 points. Accurate data on the mental abilities of the girl do not receive succeeded – she completed all the tasks too quickly. Signs Alexis showed talents from early childhood. Already in a year she could reproduce a fairy tale accurate to a single word, told her overnight. Photo from open sources. The girl does not go to kindergarten yet, but already reading books intended for fifth graders. Alexis even independently studied Spanish, iPad helped her in this parents. And, as a result, the girl was among the smartest people of the planet – and this is only 2% of the total population of the Earth. Parents Alexis Proud of Outstanding Intellectual Abilities daughters, but at the same time, they express some concern – It is not known how the giftedness of her daughter will affect her future life. It is not yet clear whether she will be able to attend regular school and will to feel comfortable among peers who do not have the same high level of intelligence. Recall that in August 2013, the IQ level of 162 points demonstrated eleven-year-old british schoolgirl Keris Kuksammi-Parnell. She also tested in the organization. Mensa and claimed the title of the most intelligent child. This year Alexis Martin broke her record. = Mensa International – the largest highest-ranking people organization intelligence. It has existed since 1946. Join organization possible only by the results of special tests. According to the charter organization, it pursues the following goals: identification and development human intelligence for the benefit of mankind; study nature, properties and functions of intelligence; creating conditions for intellectual development of gifted people and their socialization.

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