Thriving millionaire Eric White doesn’t even have secondary education, but has a huge creative energy

The successful millionaire Eric White does not even have a secondary education, but he has tremendous creative energyA photo from open sources

Far from education and not even talent makes a person successful which many of us strangle ourselves in our childhood as a child, prestigious profession, money and other doubtful benefits of our society.

No, nobody denies the significance of material well-being, but it, as the wise say, should not be a goal – it is only a reward for the right approach to life. It is this wisdom that is wonderful demonstrated by his example American Eric White, who grew up, you can say homeless, got no education (even with difficulty reading), but from a young age he was obsessed with the idea – to build, moreover, this passion allowed him not only to dream, large-scale and beautiful, but also constantly learn and improve.

A photo from open sources

He put in a lot of work to be finally spotted on construction, believed in its capabilities and trusted the most responsible work. And here White’s talent was fully manifested: he took for the most failed projects, came up with unique solutions and always sought what is called a miracle in the construction business.

His popularity grew, which allowed Eric to create his own construction company, which, thanks to his talent and inexhaustible energy began to develop rapidly and flourish. Today the builder-genius, as 33-year-old Eric White is also called, sold his company for a million dollars, but not for the sake of money, but with the aim of organize something more solid and more necessary for people.

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This really brilliant builder who can literally work miracles, many interesting plans for:

  • the salvation of houses and other buildings that literally die cause flooding, bogging and so on. These are the buildings on who already all waved their hands, but not White, able to solve any, even the most difficult construction task;
  • the creation of miniature “sea beaches” on almost any land that does not compare with traditional pools, and therefore the popularity of these projects, which are always original and fabulously beautiful, growing by leaps and bounds;
  • elevation of private property through construction of magnificent paths, comfortable summer kitchens, open fireplaces and much more, about which he is not embarrassed and happy tells (and shows, of course) on social networks.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Eric White not only has great imagination, creative vein, great performance, but also amazing responsibility. Despite the fact that owns a solid today a construction company, this person is every project that offers customers, not only nurse himself, but also constantly monitors, how is it performed. And it doesn’t matter, saving it from home is complete destruction or building a unique gazebo – everything should be certainly made magnificent and on the “conscience.” Maybe all this and allows this unique person not only to succeed, but to be a truly happy person who has a favorite business, a wonderful family (three children) and a lot of ideas on how to make this world even better. And the world, apparently, pays Eric the same coin …


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