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In the US city of Landenburg, Pennsylvania there is a small old cemetery near an abandoned church where you can find one very interesting and mysterious grave. If you believe rumored to be the one who inspired the famous author Edgar Allan Poe on writing the story “The Revealing Heart.” The grave is called Ticking, and this epithet should be taken literally, because if you attach ear to her, you can hear a soft tapping like a sentinel pendulum.

The legend of the Ticking Grave

The local urban myth says that in 1760 two famous American Topographers – Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon – here were planning the border between the north and south colonies. Suddenly in a tent busy discussing their work a sobbing boy came in and the surveyors were forced to interrupt your conversation to deal with a lost child and find his parents. It happened in the forest, and men have no idea had how the boy was alone, and even so far from people.

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Mason took the child in his arms and began to calm him. is he took out his golden pocket watch and handed it to a small to a stranger so that he gets distracted by an outlandish “toy” and stops pouring tears. For no reason, the kid opened his mouth and swallowed at once chronometer. Subsequently, our heroes found out that a child named Fytian Mineit quietly left his father and mother in Landenberg and independently went to the forest. Mason and Dixon returned the boy inconsolable parents, and the latter soon discovered that their stomach the son began to tick.

How the clock ended up in the grave

Further, there are several endings of this urban legend. According to one version, the watch swallowed by a boy is incredible greatly appreciated by their owner, and Charles Mason, shocked by such a turn of events, in his hearts he shouted: “Why would they forever be in you ticked! “So, they say, in the end it happened. In fact, Mason was a good and very decent man and did not wish anyone harm, more unreasonable children. But the watch was extremely dear to him, so here he simply could not restrain himself, almost arbitrarily shouting curse.

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Another version says that the chronometer remained in Fitian’s stomach until death itself without any curse. This, by the way, is theoretically possible: such a large item cannot be pulled out of digestive tract independently and continues to remain inside, giving the person discomfort and pain. It should be understood that medicine then was still very primitive, and extract the subject of them stomach surgery was not possible. By the way, according to this version of the myth, the matured Mineyt became skilled watchmaker, in which he was helped by the measured ticking of his “internal hours “- in the truest sense of the word.

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The legend has a third variation. Some romance claim that Mineit married a girl named Martha, and she once told her chosen one that the sounds coming from him belly, are a perfect personification of their high relations. Martha told Fitian that while their love is alive, this tick is not will cease. The couple got old and died, and the couple allegedly buried in this grave. It turns out that the chronometer lying in the coffin, along with the skeleton of Fitian, still does not work on a mechanical plant, but on the sheer power of love, since even after American did not stop loving his wife’s death. This is perhaps the most beautiful version.

Is the grave really ticking?

Despite the fact that the ticking grave cannot be called popular an American landmark in Landenberg as well as in In the surrounding cities and villages, almost everyone knows about it. People come to the cemetery, put their heads on the tombstone and, holding their breath, listen. Many are ready to swear that from the ground a soft but distinct tick is heard. Some tried to record him to the recorder using even the most sensitive microphone, however, nothing came of it.

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Tourists, having learned about this anomaly, also go to the churchyard, to hear the mysterious sound with your ears. So what if you find yourself in landenberg someday, find a dirt road there called the London Tract and walk along it to a small an unnamed cemetery near an empty church. The grave of Fitian Mineite is not difficult to find on it. If you are lucky, then to you the quiet sound of an old watch still working after so many years, although even theoretically it’s just impossible.

Doubters put forward their theories of what is happening. For example, about that there is a stream flowing underground, the rhythmic murmur of which and sounds outside like a ticking chronometer. Materialists, of course, do not believe that mechanical watches can still work on their own. Someone has to start a spring, right? It is noted that from time to time the tick becomes quieter or more audible. Skeptics are convinced that everything is to blame underground watercourse, which, depending on the season, murmurs with different volume. Only here is why it cannot be fixed even the most sensitive recording equipment? ..


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