Time lags: where, where, why?

One of the mysterious and undoubtedly frightening anomalies that actively discussed recently, is the disappearance of people, mass and one by one. We are not talking about banal disappearances, related to crime and the desire of individual subjects “substitute traces “- no, in our cases to explain what happened by ordinary categories of being impossible …

The tribe has gone nowhere

In 1930, trapper Joe Label decided to visit his Eskimo friends in a village by Lake Anjikuni (Canada). He was there two weeks ago, and life was seething in the village. “Where to have all gone? “- the hunter was perplexed, wandering around the empty village and entering houses where there was not a soul. “Maybe the tribe left on the hunt? But why then does the weapon lie in its place? ”

Dips in time: where, where, why?A photo from open sources

Even the pots of food were untouched … Seeing that from the village no traces of people or animals, Label was horrified and went to the local authorities who undertook intensive searches, but never found anyone.

How to explain this sudden loss of the whole – we emphasize the whole tribes, not groups of individuals? Even in the worst case would have found their bodies, but they have not been found. Of their own free will the Eskimos left the village in which their whole life passed? ..

A story told by learned people echoes this case. from the Elmolo tribe in Kenya, living in the area around the lake Rudolph. Traditions say that used to live on the island of Envaynet (whose name is translated as much as “irrevocable”) a large tribe that traded with the tribes, living on the mainland.

And then one day the trade was interrupted. Tired of the unknown, people sent to the island scouts who later told that the village is completely abandoned. How, completely imperceptibly, a whole tribe could cross the lake and disappear into the forests? And why was it necessary do it? By the way, in the huts, too, were left things, which practical people could hardly neglect. Since island this one is considered damned.

Mists of Lake Plescheeva

However, one should not think that such disappearances happened and are happening only somewhere far away. In neighboring Russia also do not count such cases. In the press, publications often flash dedicated to the famous Sin-stone on Lake Pleshcheevo (city Pereslavl-Zalessky). Mention is also made of the local legend that stood, they say, earlier on the lake shore the rich city of Kleshchin, but was for no reason left the inhabitants. The spirit of the lake cursed this city and therefore Pereslavl-Zalessky was already being built away from the lake, “for forests. ”

All this, of course, is a legend, but locals still treat Lake Pleshcheyev as a living being. Rumor has it that fogs, frequent around the lake, are very dangerous – if you find yourself inside the fog, you can fall out of life for several days, although you these days will seem like minutes. Or you can not go out at all or be in another time and space …

Similar anomalies are known for the Lower Ilimsk region of Irkutsk areas where three people disappeared near the Dead Lake several years ago employees of the local police department. By the way, in the same area five years earlier, a train of 23 cars and people literally went nowhere accompanying him. Near the Pskov village Lyady, in the area where there is a ravine, which is popularly called Devil, also people get lost regularly.

One day, in 1928, a logging team went here, Yes, and gone. A dull list is being kept to this day. disappearances. And mushroom pickers recklessly looking for butter and chanterelles in this place may wander in the forest for several days in full confidence that only a few hours have passed.

Disappeared out of the blue …

We agree that all of the above cases, albeit with considerable labor, you can find real explanations. Well, let’s be tired Irkutsk policemen (those who disappeared at the Dead Lake) service dangerous to carry or with crime problems arose, and they decided “disappear,” by cunning ways securing a departure. Live now somewhere in another country and enjoy life. This version implausible, but possible.

A photo from open sources

But how then to explain the disappearance of a person in front of numerous witnesses when it literally dissolves in in the air? So the farmer Lange disappeared, whose disappearance was seen five people. There are no such cases. Monk Ambrose Novgorod Kirillov monastery melted in the air during meals, as evidenced by the annals of the XVII century.

Nowadays, a woman stepping out of a car wipe misted glass, disappeared in front of a startled husband … In ancient times and In the Middle Ages, such cases were attributed to witchcraft and relations with evil spirits. In 1809, at the court of the Austrian king Franz similarly disappeared the British ambassador benjamin bathurst that not slow to ascribe to the machinations of Napoleon – but eyewitness accounts argue that the “little corporal” had nothing to do with it.

Of course, not everything always ends so badly. It happens that people after disappearance appear again, but in a different place or at another time.

For example, in the 1960s, one military pilot was forced to catapult from an airplane – the devices refused, around for some reason the darkness thickened. He regained consciousness … 700 kilometers from the place wreck, and another pilot said that he saw a friend’s plane disappeared into the air …

Caves located in the vicinity of the Chinese city of Guilin, have a complicated system, and therefore guides often recount their tourists, in order to make sure that no one was lost. In 2001 to one of the groups was joined by a previously unseen Japanese, coming out of the tunnel. The tourist himself claimed that now is 1998, and he was tired on excursions and simply decided to take a break in one of the caves. With great difficulty, he managed to convey to his consciousness the fact that “respite” dragged on for three years …

And the detachment of Khan Devlet-Girey was “mistaken” not by place, but by time -just “mixed up” 1571 with 1621 year. Tatars caught by the guard of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich, they swore that they were part of Tatar troops took part in the assault on Moscow and by chance drove on their horses into a deep ravine, where some strange fog … They left the ravine, but from that Read the time it took for the battle to end half a century.

What the researchers say

It is believed that the so-called guilty of such disappearances temporary “black holes” dragging a person into their reality and extremely rarely releasing it back. Provoke the appearance of such holes capable of geophysical anomalies, for example, faults in the earth bark. Well, of course, you can’t write off aliens – perhaps they are abducting people for purposes unknown to us.

But the most important thing is that you cannot predict what time and place send this mysterious anomaly to a person. Teleportation process to the present is completely uncontrollable – well, except maybe teleportation of Indian yogis.

Perhaps one of the keys to the mystery of mysterious disappearances to us can give life to the Oolug tribe living in New Guinea. People this tribe say they have the art of living in two worlds at the same time – in this world and in the Land of Shadows, where everything is different and amazing. Several times a day, Indians plunge into trance and go to the Land of Shadows. But at the same time their physical body stays in place, so maybe here we are dealing with a kind of ordinary meditation performed by the Oolug tribe.

Another key to the secret of teleportation is given by unusual circumstances, at which it occurs. Very often this person is extremely thinks intensely how to be in a particular area or how escape from imminent danger.

At the end of the XIX century, the scientist N. Sonner held a rather interesting, albeit a cruel experience – set a bulldog on a person sitting on a chain Siberian cat nicknamed Izya. The cat, as expected, reacted very violently – hissed, released its claws … and disappeared from view, and the chain left to roll on the floor. A poor animal, alive, albeit scared, found a few days later on the bell tower of the church. It turns out that horror was able to activate paranormal abilities a cat. And with a person this is possible and even more so.

Be that as it may, mastery of the mysterious process of teleportation will mean a real revolution for all mankind of being …

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