Time sometimes throws amazing fortels

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In 2001, on the threshold of the Reed Flute cave, which is not far from the city of Guilin, a Japanese tourist appeared. Presumptuous resident The countries of the rising sun traveled alone a huge underground labyrinth where others do not risk popping without guide. The Japanese sparkled with happiness: he overcame all the tangled corridors – and only took a nap in one of the caves. For joy not there was no trace left when it turned out that he had spent in the dungeon neither no less than three years – the Japanese entered the cave in 1998 … Time sometimes throws out amazing fortels! Time always flows with one speed that cannot be changed. Physicists and chemists, and philosophers. However a lot of people describing dramatic events say: “Time seems to have stopped.” Beautiful words? Not. Participants in the hostilities, in particular, said: they remained only because they saw the bullets flying in them and managed to take cover. At first glance, this is impossible, because the human eye unable to perceive objects moving at such a speed. But the words of the storytellers are confirmed: the soldier suddenly dives to the bottom trench, and in the next second a bullet or splinter plows the parapet where his head had just been. “Time Stops” arise, usually in minutes of mortal danger. The townspeople have time notice icicles falling from the roof and bounce to the side. Workers at construction sites dodge dive bricks. What is characteristic all the “victims” said that the object did not fly at them, but slowly declining, and they calmly stepped aside, not experiencing fear. Cosmonaut Vladimir AKSENOV told how once his “Muscovite” stalled on crossing the railway. At this moment due turn of about 50 meters seemed racing electric train: through a second or two she had to inevitably crash into the car, and the driver would not even have time to get out of it. Aksenov pulled out socket, and then again inserted the ignition key and gently pressed on starter. The engine started immediately, the car rolled off the rails and froze a few meters from the rushing train. However astronaut it seemed as if the cars had sailed in front of him, as if in slow motion movie. He even saw the chalk-white face of the driver, not had time to even start braking … In the climber on Dombay was Georgian instructor named Vakhtang. He was not yet 25, but there was already a gray strand in black hair. He admitted that he turned gray in one minute, falling into an avalanche: – I walked in conjunction with my friend Gogi. I moved first, and Gogi remained to insure me at the edge snowfield. When I was almost halfway, I saw how in the snow cracks ran up above and on my sides. Then chopped by them the steepness slowly, as if reluctantly, huge layers rushed down snow with ice, although in fact all this happens in proportion seconds. I did not feel fear, acted as if to rush me nowhere: looking for a frozen piece of snow more, swam past, threw himself over him and chose the next one. When I got out of the avalanche, Gogi did not believe his eyes … What I want, then What happens when a person seems like time stretches very slowly or even stopped? Physicists are categorical: any events develop within a strictly defined time frame. So, the whole point is that biological processes in the body in critical situations are accelerated – nervous pass faster impulses, muscle fibers are more often reduced, – although a person does not realizes and does not feel this. After analyzing the stories of people about their feelings and making appropriate calculations, researchers came to the conclusion: the course of individual time is accelerated in 120–130 time. As a result, everything around is as many times slower and it seems to man that time has stopped. To the same hypothesis such a fact also works. Those who survived the “stop of time”, they say that everything happened in a strange silence. This is explained simple: when individual time accelerates more than 100 times, sounds entering the ear turn into infrasounds that are not perceived by the human hearing aid … Nobel laureate Prize chemist and physicist Ilya PRIGOZHIN claimed that own time is constructed by every person at every moment of being. Brain in critical moments governs own time – can accelerate it is almost a hundred times, and maybe slow down. There is good example. In the 1780s, the Boers, who began the seizure of land Zulus and scythe faced with a startling phenomenon – African healers talked their warriors from bullets. As a result of those attacked the Europeans, ignoring the fierce fire, and some remained intact even when shot at point blank range. The bullets did not bounce off the blacks, but … didn’t fall into them! The colonialists did not deal with this mystery, since in in the end, all those spoken were killed. But today their secret invulnerability can be explained: African warriors had the gift arbitrarily speed up the flow of your own time and evade bullets. But this could not continue indefinitely, and they died … Long, short minutes At the end of the 18th century, the director Greenwich Observatory in England – MAXLINE fired an assistant: him data on the movement of stars in the sky differed from the values received by himself. For a whole second. 25 years later, German astronomer Friedrich BESSEL acquitted unjustly injured English colleague. He proved: in nature there are no two astronomers whose time stamps would match completely. All observers register the moment of passage of the star through the crosshair of the lines, which is seen in the eyepiece of the telescope, strictly individually: some – a little earlier, others later. The difference in these readings received name of “personal time”. And recently it was found that this the error depends on age, temperament, health observer and even air temperature at the observatory. – 50 year old Maxline and his 30-year-old assistant, in principle, could not indicate one and at the same time, emphasizes psychologist Peter MENGEN from Virginia University. – The difference per second is incredibly small: the discrepancy could be up to ten times as much in the elderly age, the perception of the passage of time is different than in young years … The psychologist conducted a very visual experiment. He divided the subjects into three age groups and asked each participant to press a button whenever, in his opinion, 3 minutes pass. It turned out most accurately determine the time intervals of young people aged 20. Middle-aged people, as shown by the final recount, rated that the same time interval is 3 minutes 16 seconds, the elderly – 3 minutes 40 seconds! When the researcher repeated the experiment, but at the same time complicated it by asking the subjects to sort the letters, the error in estimates have risen sharply. Young people began to make mistakes on average 46 seconds, and the elderly – 1 minute 48 seconds: – The older the person, the more he overestimates the past tense. That’s why it seems to him that over the years it all accelerates its run … However, not only age determines the accuracy of the sense of time. Fatigue, nervousness, enthusiasm can significantly distort the perception of the passage of time. On the a person’s internal clock is affected by temperature – and the environment, and his body. When a person gets sick, he begins fever, time for him begins to drag unbearably long. Especially painful such a state at night, when “morning never comes.” Last experiments allowed us to clarify the average statistical error in such cases. If a person’s temperature is increased by 2-3 degrees, then he marks the minute interval with an error of 35 seconds. This is a direct consequence of the fact that at elevated temperatures many processes in the body are faster. Moreover, this phenomenon observed when a healthy person is in the heat. FROM by lowering the temperature, you can achieve the opposite effect: if “cool” a person in the cold by the same 2-3 degrees, then after 30 seconds it seems to him that a minute has passed. Figuring out why the move objective universal time is perceived by people in different ways, scientists came to the conclusion that this is primarily due to the different speed of metabolic processes in the body. Besides Dr. Laura KLEIN’s studies from University of Pennsylvania, “discrepancies” associated with the development of hormones such as cortisol and vasopressin that affect a sense of the passage of time. It is because of them that it seems to lovers as if minutes of a meeting fly too fast … in the time loop AND yet the most mysterious phenomenon of time is the so-called loop of time when people and material objects from the past somehow incomprehensibly transferred to the future. In Tyrrhenian the sea off the coast of Italy is the island of Ischia, which tourists occupy the whole year. The place is quiet, nothing extraordinary does not happen here and therefore time flows slowly. But, of course, not so that a person in their right mind could confuse the past hours over the years. This happens with failures. memory. This is exactly what the case of Kurt RINER looked like. In one of August 1997, this 25 year old guy, all dirty and scratched, limping, went to the entrance to the thermal park “Gardens Poseidon. “He told the employee that he had ripped off a motorcycle under slope and now poorly understands where it is. Rainer sent to hospital, and the next day he called his first name, last name and hotel, where to stay. However, in the guest list, no Rainer discovered. The police took up a mysterious incident. Soon managed to establish: in 1981, this hotel really stayed a German tourist named Rainer, who then disappeared. Then the investigation concluded that he was most likely drowned, swimming in the sea. All the long 16 years (!) Kurt was considered dead. Where he was all this time remained a mystery … An even more exciting story happened in 1961. An American pilot flew over Ohio. weather was disgusting. The plane now and then dived into the clouds, and in the gaps the sun was beating in the eyes. That is why, once again emerging from cloud milk, the pilot did not immediately notice in a few dozen meters in front of another plane. Laying a desperate turn he miraculously managed to avoid a collision, but still struck across the board of another car. After landing, the pilot filed report on a flight accident that quite surprised the airdrome superiors. The pilot described a plane that he nearly collided with as single biplane with fitted wings and wire stretch marks between them. In an open cockpit sat a pilot in leather a helmet and large preserves. Specialists Responsible for flight safety, it was decided that the cause of what had nearly happened the accident was a copy of an old airplane made for filming some historical film. Driving her to the filming location, filmmakers did not bother to get permission to fly. On this the incident was safely forgotten. However a few months later in old abandoned hangar at one of the small private airfields quite by chance a biplane was discovered, exactly similar to the one described by the American pilot. Experts examining it came to the conclusion: it’s impossible to fly on it – just look crumble due to decay. But the thing finally got confused onboard magazine found in the cockpit. It had a record dated 1911 year. The pilot wrote that during the last flight almost collided with the “big silver airplane amazing designs, “which raced at great speed and struck on board his car with the end of the wing. On board the biplane, experts really found a scratch in which the microparticles remained paints and aluminum, which completely coincided in composition with the material of a modern airplane! It turned out something fantastic: the biplane not only made a 50-year chronic leap, but also came back in due time … Attention: white fog To understand this mysterious phenomenon, a well-known expert in the field Englishwoman Jenny RANDLS decided to track down abnormal phenomena and Interview those who have been in the loop of time. For 20 years she managed find over 300 people. The reliability of their testimony does not cause doubt, because their loss from time was confirmed by witnesses. … In early May 1968, the Argentinean Gerado VIDAL went with his wife by car to visit friends. At the last moment to them another married couple has joined. Decided that they will go ahead, as they knew better the road from the town of Chascomus to the town of Maitsu. Soon, traveling at the forefront, it was discovered that Vidal cars are not behind. Deciding that something is broken turned back, drove almost to Chaskomus, but Vidalov never found, although no exits from the highway were found all the way. Spouses already wanted to contact the police with a statement about the loss friends, when on the second day Vidals themselves called them from … Mexico City. How they ended up there, the missing did not really represent. By their they followed the first car when they suddenly found themselves in a strip of dense fog and almost immediately lost consciousness. And when, according to them, they came to their senses and looked at the watch, only two passed hours. They found that their car was completely marginalized. unfamiliar road. Moreover, the paint on the car was all in small cracks, as if seared by fire. Vidal appealed to the first they met and were surprised to find that they were in another country … Oh Englishman Paul also told a whitish cloud similar to fog Bromham. Late at night, he left Little Houghton. Suddenly in in the light of the headlights, a milk line appeared in front of him machine, after which Bromham passed out. Paul came to himself already morning on the outskirts of the town of Tervey, 16 miles from the scene. His car disappeared. Police later found her in the midst a wet field five miles from Tervey. No one could understand how she got there, since there are no traces of tires on clay soil it turned out … the most objective information about how the time loop captures a man, gave a unique video made in 1995 year at a chemical plant in Florida. Late evening guard I saw on the monitor screens a worker walking towards one of warehouses. Suddenly, a flickering whitish fog filled the entire yard, hiding the person. At the same time, the monitor screens blinked, and the picture on them disappeared. After a few seconds, the image is back appeared, but there was no longer any fog or worker in the yard. it surprised the guard, because in a few seconds a person could not to reach the warehouse, and there was nowhere to hide in the yard. Puzzled the guard went there himself, examined the entire site, but disappeared did not find a worker. The guard returned to the office and resumed interrupted observation. After an hour and a half, the monitor screens again They blinked, and suddenly a figure of a “vaporized” worker appeared on them: he has a table on all fours at the far end of the factory grounds, and his vomited. The guard rushed into the yard to help the poor man with whom obviously something happened. Somehow he dragged him to the office, put him in chair and called an ambulance, because the victim was in a trance and didn’t remember anything … Whirlpools circling … Dr. Jenny Randles believes that the spontaneous movement of people and objects in time and space occurs when they fall into abnormal areas in the flow of time. – We use the usual expression “river time, “without thinking about its possible physical meaning, – she says. – Meanwhile, there is a scientific hypothesis that time is material. Then in this chronoreca the same things can happen phenomena as in an ordinary river. For example, whirlpools. When they occur in a real river, then a leaf or sliver swirl for a long time in one place, then sinking to the bottom, then again floating to the surface. It is possible that the same whirlpools can appear in the river of time. They break it smoothly current, capturing people and material objects and transferring them from one time span to another. Visually such anomalies or “whirlpools of time” appear in the form of luminous clouds … In its nature, the river of time is nothing more than a stream of energy, most likely electromagnetic. Under the influence of the fittest the electromagnetic field in people starts to hurt and become dizzy, vomiting appears, severe weakness, coordination is disturbed. Same symptomatology is observed in those who fall into the “whirlpools” time. “- If a whirlpool in a vast river of time drags the victim is very deep, then he can throw it to the surface through many years and even centuries. Well, weak vortices pull out and return a person in his own time. I believe that they arise in the result of violations of the structure of the universe, – emphasizes the doctor Jenny Randles – In turn, these anomalies form windows in parallel worlds and alternative streams of time. Someday man will learn to use them. And then it will become possible travels from one era to another and to other worlds … Secrets Yogis One of the tricks that yogis do is that they disappear in front of numerous viewers and then appear – it’s true, already behind the backs of the gathered crowd. Phenomenon of this sudden disappearance, paranormal researchers explained by instant teleportation. However, it may well be that yoga many times accelerate the flow of personal time, as if “dissolving” due to this in the air, and so quickly they slip past the audience that they simply don’t notice them. IN the benefit of this version is one characteristic detail. Western Observers at these events observed: yogis have always made sure that behind them is free pass. For teleportation, it is not needed, but for ultrafast escape is necessary …


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