Time travel: the case of Ashley Rebernville

Time Travel: The Case of Ashley RebervillePhoto from open sources

Why the topic of time travel has recently become quite popular? Probably, the recent discoveries of scientists who increasingly conclude that time not at all what we imagine it, but the past and the future, quite possibly exist simultaneously, like any dimension reality, for example, space. And if so, then moving back and forth in time is quite possible.

Of course, logic always stops us, remember, for example, Ray Bradbury’s short story “And Thunder struck” (there is the eponymous science fiction film), in which the author showed what he could bring any, even the slightest change in the past (if we go there, of course, someday we’ll hit). From here our the notion that the past cannot be changed, and therefore get there (already one such hit is by all means a change, which will change the future, that is, the present, as shown in story of an American science fiction writer).

However, scientists working with time and its laws, more and more make sure that human logic is wrong in this case, she cannot even admit infinity of space, not that some “tricks” of time-space. It is no accident that the world has accumulated already quite rich material about cases of people moving in time, but a person cannot believe it in any way.

The Mysterious Case of Ashley Reberville

We will tell only about one such case and offer to see video with some other facts. It’s very interesting even with that points of view, as our logic (be sure to pay attention to this attention) strongly opposes believing in the reality of such events. It can’t be – and that’s the point! And if you can …

… In 1994, one of the Polish publications published a note journalist A. Birch that Danish fishermen encountered in the North sea ​​with a very strange and mysterious “catch”. At some point on a water surface near their fishing vessel a diver surfaced. Having lowered the lifeboat, the fishermen soon lifted to a human seiner in some antediluvian diving suit, which could only be seen in the newsreel of past years. Fishermen they even suspected that filming was taking place nearby.

But the man, freed from his underwater suit, led itself is rather strange. He excitedly spoke to English and was clearly very surprised by what happened, as if suspected fishermen of some kind of deception or hoax (something fishermen understood from his incoherent babble).

Subsequently, a strange diver was brought ashore, and already here they were engaged in special services. As he explained to security officials the “hero” of this mysterious story, he was a diver named Ashley Reberville, who participated in the rescue of the sunken ship Findhorn. September 5, 1929 he once again went down under water, and when it emerged to the surface, neither its cruiser nor I didn’t find comrades nearby, but they picked him up, ultimately, some fishermen.

After clarifying all the circumstances of the case, to my surprise investigators, it was found that in August 1929 (65 years back) the ship really sank in this place of the North Sea Findhorn, and in September of that year was organized rescue operation that ended in failure (the ship never were able to raise). The failure was also in the fact that during it a diver named Ashley Rebervville disappeared – he wasn’t able to to find…

Water Time

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