Tiny little man ran during football match on the field

A tiny little man ran across a field during a football matchA photo from open sources

In a recent match between Scottish football teams “Auchinleck Talbot” and “Ayr United” happened a mysterious incident.

Neither the players themselves nor the fans in the stands seem to have noticed then nothing is beyond ordinary, but this strange the detail has not escaped the eyes of attentive viewers and already especially the impassive camcorder lens.

At the very beginning of the fight I ran through the field … tiny white a man who quickly disappeared from the field of view of the camera. According to many proponents of paranormal theories, it’s hardly about the effect imposed by the television people, since this is no longer repeated during this broadcast.

Representatives of the British press called the following funny video and nothing more. Journalists felt that rather In all, we have before us the bizarre result of a technical malfunction. They say the silhouette of one of the players somehow “reflected” in another parts of the screen, that’s the whole “mysticism”.

However, ordinary users of the World Wide Web do not in a hurry to believe such an explanation. Some believe that it was ghost or timing. According to others, the whole fault is a failure in the work of the Matrix, where humanity lives. If you believe the third, the anomaly was caused by the overlap of our reality on a parallel measurement. Finally, the fourth claim that the football field ran quite a material little man like a gnome or leprechaun.

Be that as it may, mysterious shots spread around many foreign sites dedicated to unexplained phenomena and unusual phenomena, and the video has become truly viral …


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