“Titanic”, apparently, fell into the loop of time: researchers hypothesis

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It is not known for what reason, but the most tragically known liner in the history of passenger shipping “Titanic” became the most mysterious in terms of the movement of people in time and space. On the throughout the last century, the echoes of this world tragedy manifested in one or the other place and in different years, and these were not some traces and debris of the largest passenger ship of the beginning of the XX century, and living people who once fell into such terrible circumstances, and their “cries for help.”

For example, every six years, beginning in 1918, radio operators SOS signals from the Titanic are heard around the world. Whatever it is but such a fact testifies that time is not quite what we We think about him and how we imagine him. But if only these signals …

Saved and immediately disappeared passengers “Titanic”

The team of the fishing trawler “Vosshagen” September 24, 1990 a woman of years was removed from an iceberg 300 kilometers from Iceland thirty, which was called Vinnie Coates – a passenger of the Titanic. At she even had a ticket for this liner dating back to 1912, and indeed she was dressed accordingly in fashion beginning, not end centuries. As it turned out later, she was poured by Vinnie Coates, captured in the photo shortly before the ill-fated flight. Experienced psychiatrist G. Holland, who examined the rescued woman, wrote that she really was in some kind of timeless state all past 78 years since the tragedy of the sea, and it is above him understanding: what really happened with this unfortunate?

By the way, a year later, on August 9, 1991, by a Norwegian ship Larson Naper caught another passenger from the Titanic, calling himself his captain. Fingerprints of it coincided with the imprints of genuine Edward John Smith stored in the archive, supposedly dead on that fateful night of April 15, 1912 …

In 1992 (according to other sources, in 1994), Norwegian fishermen ships caught in the waters of the Atlantic an infant – a girl, which was on the strength of the year. She swam on a lifebuoy from “Titanic,” very cold, but still alive. They saved her, and a little after the experts determined that this is perhaps a ten-month the baby who was actually listed among the passengers of the deceased in 1912 the liner.

Finally, on December 14, 1992, something else was recorded. like that. Again, Norwegian fishermen who suddenly died out motor in the North Atlantic, unexpectedly discovered the legendary “Titanic”, which seemed to emerge from the abyss of water. Aboard a sinking the liner were people who screamed and begged for help. But fishermen don’t could swim to the Titanic and somehow help the unfortunate as their ship itself was in distress and carried along the waves Atlantic.

As the fishermen later told, the Titanic was located on water only a few minutes, during which time a few passengers managed to jump from him. And then the liner again went into the abyss of water. On the Norwegian fishermen distress signal to the place of the legendary the liner approached the US Navy cruiser, from the ice font were raised to its board is 13 passengers jumping from the ghostly Titanic.

Maritime tragedy expert, journalist and writer Phillin Starnes, who told the world about this unique event, claims that a spokesman for the US Navy answers his question if it was in fact, did not give a clear answer. That is, he did not say yes nor “no,” since, on the one hand, the officer’s honor did not give him the opportunity to lie, and on the other – apparently, this oath did not allow reveal the secret. This was confirmed by Norwegian fishermen, witnesses fantastic rescue passengers “Titanic”, they also strictly forbidden to say anything about this case.

A dense curtain of secrecy covered and all other cases of salvation passengers of the Titanic. No one knows the fate of either Vinnie Coates or Captain Smith, not even a little girl, like thirteen saved by Americans passengers jumping from a sinking liner.

Oceanologist researcher Malvin Iddland, dedicated this is a lot of time and effort, I came to the conclusion that the “Titanic” somehow way got into the loop of time, that’s why he became so surprisingly, “manifest” in subsequent years. This is very an interesting case, he will tell reporters, but … unfortunately, all his details are “buried” in the archives of the Pentagon and other military departments that for some reason believe that ordinary people are not worthy, and they’re not able to know more than they should.

Interestingly, “laid” by whom and on the basis of what? ..

US Time Titanic

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