“Titanic” did not die from a collision with iceberg

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Our civilization can be called crazy, because, no matter what happens in our world, it must be perverted, hide, classify, and so on, for example, what politicians do and the military in relation to UFOs and other abnormal phenomena. The question is – why? There are many explanations, but intelligible – not a single one …

So around the “Titanic” so much was wound, but, how it turned out after recently had been finally declassified materials on this case, the tragedy of this liner was not due to collisions with an iceberg. The Titanic most likely hit the “mole hole” of time, perhaps in some way involved in this tragedy aliens, but this is not a commonplace clash with an ice floe, which (and this fact has always seemed strange to many) for some reason is not experienced ship captains noticed.

What role did the UFO play in the death of the Titanic?

You can learn about all this in detail and in detail from two-part documentary titanic. Report from of light, “made just on the basis of newly discovered data on this mysterious case.

For example, one of the rescued passengers of the Titanic, Anna White recalls that everyone who was with her in the lifeboat in for a moment they saw bright lighting (such as a huge ball) and decided that the Karpatia rescue ship arrived in time. All the boats that were on the water at that time began to row strenuously towards the light. But the light suddenly went out, and “Carpathia” appeared only after two hours.

These strange lights, as well as obscure objects that flew out out of the water and disappeared into the sky, which almost everyone talked about saved, and forced to classify investigation materials about The Titanic. But there were other no less strange things, for example, American astronomer George Harris on this fateful day (April 14 1912) saw in the sky a huge object similar to an alien a ship with a diameter of at least one hundred kilometers flying to the Earth from the moon. It’s hard to call a coincidence that the Stanfield couple Belfast saw a huge luminous ball late at night, descending into the sea. It was at that moment that the Titanic raced at all sails “to his death …

A photo from open sources

“Wormhole” – a funnel in time

But the most mysterious was the case with the third passenger class Englishwoman Vinnie Coates, who sailed on the “Titanic” to her husband with two children and … died. However, after many decades, that is, in 1990, Icelandic fishermen picked it up at sea. In that the moment, wet, wounded and exhausted, the woman screamed that she passenger of the Titanic and that her name is Vinnie Coates. Naturally, the unfortunate woman immediately got into a mental hospital, and if not for the journalists, then no one would ever know about her, and she would share the fate of such the same unfortunate Italian passengers with the missing in 1911 ghost train.

However, Vinnie Coates’s name appeared on the Titanic’s passenger list, and the woman then told in detail about the incident, not mistaken even in small things, although she was specially confused to understand if she was lying or not.

Strange, but officially no one is confirming the identity of Vinnie Coates tried, although reporters even established portrait similarities women of the beginning and end of the last century. Scientists from Tavistock University conducted a thorough study of this case, but here Vinnie Coates was suddenly rushed to Dallas – on the CIA’s secret base, and there it’s “dissolved in time” already finally…

Icebergs Water Time Titanic

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