Tofig Dadashev – a man who reads our thoughts

A photo from open sources

The presidents, special services of the USA and the USSR greeted him hand �watched his every move. In 1973, the First World Congress in psychotronics recognized Tofig Hasanovich Dadashev as the strongest the medium of the world. Dadashev’s telepathic abilities appeared even in early childhood. Little Tofig always knew where Mom hid sweets that grandmother decided to cook for breakfast, how much mom money in his wallet, whether he was put aside for ice cream there. It was like the game. By the age of 17, Tofig realized that he had a special gift. In 1966 year, while traveling in Moscow, 19-year-old Dadashev read in Moscow “Evening” that people with paranormal abilities are invited to test. Tofiq accurately completed 12 tasks in a row, stumbled only on the 13th and became Institute employee. Every morning he started with training visit to the supermarket, where he honed his skills to penetrate into the consciousness of another person. Man – business trip out Sverdlovsk, today is his last day; female accountant asked the boss for an hour, looking for a gift for her husband for a day birth; girl – passing through, looking for a shoe department. Small checker. Tofig approaches the girl: “Shoe – on the second floor in left wing. “” Oh, thank you! “- and the surprised flapping of eyelashes. In 1969 Dadashev got a job at the Moskontsert and became to travel around the cities of the USSR with the solo program “Psychological experiments. “Any person could leave the hall. He wrote down his assignment, a sheet of paper was inserted into an envelope, sealed and left on the table in the middle of the stage. Then Dadashev began his priesthood: “Concentrate! Think about the assignment!” Tofik takes a person out of the hall, takes a note from his pocket a book, opens and reads the phone number. An envelope is opened. “I just gave my friend the new number of his official phone. Find him. 16th row, 25th place. Book in the side pocket jacket. Page letter “C”. Read the last issue. “Through Dadashev’s year was called to demonstrate his talents in the KGB. As a staff member, as suggested, Dadashev did not, but to provide assistance agreed. He set the condition: never work against Soviet citizens. Dadashev provided “minor services “, such as identify in a tourist group of 150 people Foreign intelligence officer. To the constant surprise security officers waiting for hours of observation, the procedure took A couple of minutes. Sitting in a car and watching people passing by tourists, Dadashev confidently said: “This.” Then gave psychological portrait of an agent. March 31, 1989 at the airport of Baku has landed a passenger plane hijacked by a terrorist. The criminal threatened to blow up the aircraft, claimed that he there is an accomplice among passengers, demanded a ransom of $ 500,000 and as many German marks. Dadashev was involved in the operation. Under the guise of an employee of the Foreign Ministry, he went to the plane to negotiate with a terrorist. The conversation took less than a minute. Returning, Dadashev said: “This is a bluff. He has no bomb. There is no accomplice either.” Tofik perfectly understood the price of his words. If he made a mistake during operations, the criminal will blow up the plane – hundreds of people will die. And all he repeated: “This is a bluff,” and even gave a plan for the capture operation. Still since then this operation is considered unsurpassed. Penetration mechanism into the consciousness of other people is incomprehensible. During the experiments Dadashev even fulfills tasks of foreigners who think on an unknown to him language. This ability is not inherited. Out of three sons, manifested only in one. And you can’t say that Dadashev was very happy about this: “You know, this is difficult burden”.

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