Tons of headless fish washed ashore Germany

Tons of headless fish washed ashore in GermanyPhoto from open sources

A mysterious incident is currently under investigation in Germany. To the shores of the Mecklenburg region in the north of the country nailed several tons of dead fish. The most amazing thing is that almost everything marine life turned out to be headless. It seems as if someone beheaded tens of thousands of these creatures.

Of course, it is suggested that in mass death fish is to blame man. However, why are unknown poachers done? And how? It is noteworthy that the fish were not removed only the heads, but also the swimming bladders, and very removed neatly, practically with surgical accuracy.

After some thought, the German environmental team service had to exclude the possibility that the fish were killed for the purpose poaching. Why do criminals take their heads and swimming bubbles leaving valuable meat? At the same time, spawning is not yet speech, that is, the fish was definitely without caviar.

Some speculate that representatives may be to blame. extraterrestrial civilization. It is believed that aliens have the property abduct living creatures from the Earth and conduct experiments on them. Such “honor”, according to ufologists, periodically awarded cows, sheep, goats, deer, dogs, and even whales. Aliens abduct and people, but in this case they behave more correctly …

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