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Long-liver of one of the provinces of China has recently turned into local celebrity. 97-year-old Wu Decheng from Hengyang Province Hunan has been bedridden for the past two years. However it was recently discovered that he began to grow two new teeth and gray hair again darkened! Toothy Oldies “Like told the daughter of a miraculous pensioner, “in recent years he abandoned meat and prefers baking, cakes, fruits and milk. Relatives say that up to 80 years, Wu Decheng led a very active lifestyle. “In medical practice, there are cases when the course biological time at the end of a person’s life path reverses. With a similar phenomenon, for example, the dentists whom the patients are referring to are familiar old people and old women – claiming that they, like babies, teeth start to cut! “Information on such facts goes to doctors often enough, but in fact new teeth are usually turn out to be well preserved old or represent bone growths. However, there are times when doctors really it remains only to shrug in perplexity … “Expression” toothless old age, “for example, now doesn’t fit in any way with a 90-year-old Shanghai resident Tan Jizhen. According to the local press, she has in a short time 25 new teeth grew, which together with surviving a complete set. Demonstrating in a smile their “updates”, the old woman told reporters that her teeth began to fall out more decades ago. But once Grandmother Tan felt itching and pain in the gums, as is the case with babies, when their teeth are cut. When a few days later she looked in the mirror, then almost fell: both jaws shone young pearl shine! However, 90 years for new owners teeth – not the limit. At 132-year-old Bahram Ismaili from of Sharanglu settlement, Iranian province, East Azerbaijan, three new teeth grew four years ago. Doctors explained this miracle by the possible rejuvenation of the body, which comes with a healthy lifestyle. Ismaily doesn’t consider himself old and, showing his friends and neighbors new teeth, boasts the rest with whole teeth. According to Bahram, he knows nothing about different types of toothpaste, never drank, never smoked, never used drugs, never went to doctors, did not take no medicine. All his life he was engaged in agriculture and livestock, did not eat meat, rice and vegetable butter, preferring butter. Ismaili has four children, 47 grandchildren and 43 great-grandson and great-granddaughter. According to eyewitnesses, his first son looks much older than his father. Russian phenomena Phenomenal old people live in Russia. For example, Maria Andreevna Shapovalova, who lives in the Center rehabilitation of pensioners in Sochi, new teeth began to grow in a hundred years. Now, delegations of dentists regularly visit pensioners, gerontologists and anthropologists. Marya Andreevna believes that teeth They grew up because she always led a healthy lifestyle. In addition to Shapovalova, at least two more Russian centenarians who have recently acquired new teeth. it 94-year-old resident of Cheboksary Daria Andreeva and 104-year-old Maria Vasilyeva, who lives in the village of Chuvash-Drozhzhanoe of the Republic Tatarstan In Ukraine, meanwhile, has been developed truly revolutionary method of growing teeth. The author of the idea is Alexander Baranovich, geneticist at the Poltava Transplant Center cryopreserved embryonic, cellular and fetoplacental tissues. He is working on a unique technique, using which toothless people can renew their jaw with virtually no prosthetics. To do this, in place of the fallen tooth in the patient’s gum a stem cell fluid injection is performed children’s milk teeth. Once in the bone tissue of the jaw, cells begin to multiply, and in 3-4 months a new tooth grows! Gennady Fedotov

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