Topographer Christopher Tompkins disappeared almost on the eyes of colleagues

Christopher Tompkins topographer disappeared almost in front of colleaguesA photo from open sources

History knows many times when people literally dissolved in the air before the eyes of many witnesses, that is, they themselves disappeared, no matter what, in a mystical way. These situations are very the incident with Christopher Tompkins is close.

At the end of January 2008, twenty-year topographer Christopher Tompkins from the American city of Ellersley (Georgia) as usually went to work and labeled with colleagues land near highway number 85. According to instructions, specialists moved at a distance of not more than ten meters from each other friend.

Unfortunately for him, Christopher was the last to go, but at the same time constantly talking with his comrades, and those to the last minutes were sure that the guy was not far behind. But when one of topographers looked around, not hearing Tompkins voice, then did not see himself.

And this despite the fact that the space was open, and the voice Christopher rang out just a minute ago. During this time he just could not get anywhere – and, nevertheless, disappeared without a trace. The initial search for the missing did nothing but one Tompkins boot that strangely hung on a prickly wire fencing for livestock.

Since further searches yielded nothing, what happened said to the police, and she began a mass search for the disappeared topographer. Surprisingly, this time there was a second boot Christopher, however, a kilometer from the first – in farm plot. Owner of the site naturally nothing could not explain – he first saw this shoe.

Neither police dogs, nor the best experts found no more traces of the missing youth: no blood, no clothes, no prints of hands or feet. He seemed to fly through the air, dropping from there your shoes.

Therefore, the version of the killing of a topographer by his colleagues, as well as the insanities of Tompkins himself gradually disappeared, all the more so since including his mother, with one voice assured that until this day the guy behaved quite normally.

A photo from open sources

Christopher Tompkins was never found. Everyone who knows this history, believe that the young man was abducted by aliens who abruptly “pulled” him into a parallel world. But even with this fantastic scenario remain a mystery scattered on distance kilometer shoes guy. Who and why did this? Is it really Are the aliens “tangled up”? But before whom? In front of the police, which with all his desire, unable to penetrate the parallel world and deal with the kidnappers? ..

Then what is it? Is someone’s stupid and evil joke: they say, not look, you won’t find it anyway, if you are alone from a person shoes …

Parallel Worlds

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