Traces of pyrokinesis found in a medieval shack witches

Traces of a witch's pyrokinesis found in a medieval shackA photo from open sources

In the medieval shack of Hae-Uppacott, located in the English hilly and marshy area of ​​Dartmoor, discovered possible traces of witch pyrokinesis. Hae-uppacott is long farmhouse, where people and cattle once lived under one roof. The building is considered a historical monument, since such there are very few medieval buildings left in Great Britain. Now they are carrying out restoration, during which unexpectedly made an intriguing find.

Experts have discovered an oak timber dating from a peasant house 14th century. Strange traces that turned out to be burned on the wood in fact … fingerprints – presumably female. how this is possible, no one can explain. Specialists conducted several experiments using torches, candles, torches and hot metal, but did not achieve even remotely similar results. One gets the impression that someone is literally pressed to the beam burning at high temperature human finger. Skeptics and people of official science hesitantly scratch heads and refuse to give any intelligible comments. By their In their opinion, the phenomenon should have a simple rational explanation, however, they are not yet able to find it.

A photo from open sources

Meanwhile, researchers of supernatural phenomena recall that witches, according to medieval and later beliefs, possessed pyrokinesis, that is, the ability to control fire and ignite anything with the power of thought. In addition, pyrokinetics, considered to be able to kindle (whether ignite – in modern it’s even difficult for the tongue to choose a verb for this) own body, while remaining unharmed. So, the old English is known the legend of a beautiful girl who seduced an elderly count. When they were in the bedroom of a nobleman, a girl hugged a man, and he screamed in pain, first smoking, and then lit up and turning to ashes. At the same time, the girl herself remained intact, not at all exposed to this magical fire …


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