Transcarpathian suffered 14 deaths in 14 days (VIDEO)

A photo from open sources

54-year-old Yuri Fedaka says it all happened to him in 1996 year. The man then worked as a driver of the first deputy Head of the regional police. Seen enough on corpses and another’s grief – therefore, according to Yuri, the heart could not stand it … For the first time Transcarpathian “disconnected” for 4 minutes. Then he was transported to a clearing, where everything was green and white, and from above – a blue sky. Fedaka felt a surprising relief, but when he raised his head – the clearing disappeared, and doctors appeared instead. Next two weeks the man’s heart stopped several times a day. IN as a result, he learned to recognize symptoms and promptly call doctors. And after a while everything ended abruptly. However death made itself felt – Yuri’s memory worsened. But noted Ukrainian, improved vision – you can read without glasses. Now a wonderful man lives in a quiet village and tries not to perform heavy work.

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