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Young resident of Central Canada who wishes to stay anonymous, posted on the Internet curious and somewhat intimidating snapshot. According to the girl, returning from work on weekdays, she each time passes in the dark near the same tree, which invariably makes her flinch and cringe slightly. On the the trunk of the plant is clearly visible “human face”, as if looking at the road and watching as they sweep past by cars.

Despite the fact that many locals consider it common para-idol illusion, there is a fast-moving urban legend, associated with this tree. It is claimed to be an incarnation a man who once lived in a house nearby and was a little “out of this world.” Almost every day he took a folding a chair, came to this place, sat down by the road and just smoked for long hours the phone, peacefully watching the surrounding landscape, at sunset, and often at sunrise …

By the way, even among people who believe in reincarnation, not all agree that a person may be reborn into an animal or even a plant, although some who remember their past lives, confirm such a variety of transformations. For example, one the boy told his parents that before his present life he was a snake and it was there that a friend of his father killed him, who later confirmed the story of the child. It’s no coincidence that sometimes the mind just strikes us some animals and even trees, so that in Canada there is a tree – the reincarnation of a man – all this may not be so and a fairy tale: how much do we know about the divine world order? Yes almost nothing…

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