Trees cry for blood: fake, a natural phenomenon or a sign of the Apocalypse?

According to the Apocalypse of Ezra (third book of Ezra), one of signs of an approaching event will be bleeding trees and This video shows us this. What is it? Simply fake? Unfortunately, we do not have a definite answer. We just wanted pay attention to the appearance of this video. The author notes that the plot is composed of six different episodes of bleeding trees, filmed in different places. Photos from open sources

According to one theory that explains “bleeding”: oxide the iron of Planet X is attracted to the surface of the Earth, red dust reaches groundwater level, trees absorb it, and sap the trees turns blood red …

“And blood will oozing forward from the tree, and the stone will speak voices. The people will be in turmoil, and the stars will change their places. ”

A photo from open sources Photos from open sources Photo from open sources End of the world

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