Trick Earth’s gravity

Deceive Earth's gravityPhotos from open sources It seems that Yuri Nagibin has an interesting story about a girl who from childhood she knew how to fly. She just went out on a steep cliff of the river, rushed into the sky and – soared above the earth. But the girl grew up, left getting married. After the wedding night, she ran away to a friend early in the morning. break, threw up her hands and rushed into the sky. And – crashed.

Why the girl who became a woman lost the ability to levitation? What generally allows a person to overcome gravity Of the earth? Sometimes this ability manifests itself spontaneously and even unconsciously for the child (natural inspiration is more common total in early childhood). Sometimes levitation is observed with sleepwalking. So, the parents of one lunatic boy once noticed that he got out of bed and jumped out the window (private house). Knowing about him illnesses, they did not begin to disturb the child, but simply followed him after. What was their surprise when he went to the lake and calmly walked along the expanse of water, like Jesus did Christ. In the morning, the boy was found sleeping in the forest …

A photo from open sources

Examples when people spontaneously violated the laws of gravity of the Earth, quite a lot. But even more people, the same yogis who sought levitation by certain practices. And although this was achieved far not all, and sometimes it took all his life to acquire such a gift, the very fact of the ascension of such spiritual people above the earth proves that levitation is a property accessible to man, though far from to each.

In the new documentary project “People who cheated on gravity” many other examples of levitation are given. There is an attempt to answer and to such a burning question – what is levitation: unrealized (or even lost) human ability along with intuition, whole body regeneration, teleportation, telepathy and so further or is it still a special divine gift worthy only favorites?

Gravity Levitation

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