Trumpet sounds came from the sky over the USA

Trumpet sounds came from the sky over the USAPhotos from open sources of

The video below was received on February 10 this year somewhere in the United States. Eyewitnesses heard then the frighteningly loud trumpeting coming, it seemed, right from the sky.

Mysterious noise rattled peals above the earth, reminding at the same time a metal rattle, the roar of an animal and human vote. Of course, surprised and frightened witnesses did not fail record abnormal sounds on the phone.

Virtual space users push various theories about the source of this noise.

Some people think that we are talking about celestial “pipes Apocalypse, “and the Day of Judgment is coming soon. According to others, all the blame for the representatives of extraterrestrial civilization and their aerial court. Still others suggest that these sounds are nothing else, like the noise of metal structures in the cold. Fourth talk about a natural phenomenon like the movement of lithospheric plates or electromagnetic waves enveloping our planet.

Note that in recent years such blowing periodically heard in many parts of the earth, and orthodox science has not yet found an explanation for him. Scientists can only assume something, like any of us.


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