Tunnels to another dimension

Tunnels to another dimensionA photo from open sources

Australian parapsychologist Jean Grimbriard in 2007 came to the conclusion that among the many anomalous zones in the world there about 40 tunnels leading to other worlds, of which four are in Australia and seven in America. Common to these “infernal tunnels” is that from the depths one can hear chilling screams and groans and annually more than a hundred people disappear without a trace in them. One of the most famous places – this is a calcareous cave in California national park, which you can enter, but not exit. Even traces from the missing does not remain. “Hellish places” are in Russia. For instance, under Gelendzhik is a mysterious mine that exists, according to According to local historians, since the XVIII century. She represents a straight well with a diameter of about one and a half meters with polished walls. When a couple of years ago I ventured into the mine go down man, at a depth of 40 meters a geiger counter showed a sharp increase in radiation background. And since earlier from a strange disease several volunteers have already died trying to survey the well, the descent immediately stopped. Rumor has it that the bottom the mine doesn’t flow there, in the bowels, some strange life, and time in the depths of a mysterious education violates all laws, speeding up your move. Voices from underground Undergone for one and a half hours the resident of the village came to the surface from the well, located on the Greek island of Tilos, 32-year-old Ioannos Colophidis. This well has long been considered bottomless. Water in it even in the heat was icy. And then one day it was time to clean it. Make this work and volunteered Colofidis. The man dressed in wetsuit, and he was lowered into the mine. Work went on about one and a half hours. Three people from time to time pulled up a bucket of silt. Suddenly on the surface they heard frequent blows to metal. Seemed that Colophidis begged to raise him as soon as possible. When The poor fellow was pulled out, then his comrades almost lost their speechlessness: before them on the ground lay a decrepit old man with absolutely white with hair on his head, a long beard, and shabby, worn clothes. But what happened in the well remained a mystery, as Colophidis died a few hours later. An autopsy showed that he died of old age! Another creepy well is in Kaliningrad region. In 2004, two shabashniks, Nikolai and Michael, they agreed to dig a well in one of the villages. At a depth of about ten meters diggers heard from under the ground underfoot polyphonic human groans. In incredible horror, excavators got out. Locals circumvent this “cursed place” side, believing that it was there that the Nazis during the war mass shootings. Disappearance in the castle Ancient castle, located near the town of Comcrif (Scotland), not so long ago became the place of disappearance of adventure lovers. Current owner castle mcdogley acquired this is not housing building for nothing just out of love for the exotic. – Once I lingered in the basement, where he discovered old books on black magic until midnight, ”says 54-year-old Robert. – Twilight went down quickly, and it seemed strange to me a blue glow, coming from a large central hall. When I entered there, in the face I was struck by a bright bluish-gray sheaf of light coming from three-meter portrait, whose colors seemed so afternoon frayed that it was impossible to make out a drawing. Now i distinctly saw the man depicted on him in full growth, clothes which was from obviously not matching details of costumes different eras – from the XV to XX centuries. When I came closer to better to consider everything, a heavy portrait fell off the wall and collapsed on me. Alive Sir Robert remained a miracle. But rumors of what happened spread outside the neighborhood, and began to flock to the castle tourists. Once two exalted elderly people got inside lady and climbed into the niche that opened behind the portrait after his fall. And immediately they … disappeared into the air. Lifeguards knocked all the walls and went through all the rooms with special by radars, but did not find anyone. Psychics involved in as experts, claim that the castle opened the door “sealed” for centuries in parallel worlds, where and the tourists moved. However, verify this assumption and neither psychics nor the police decided to enter the niche. OPINION SPECIALISTS Russian scientist, professor Pulkovskaya the observatory Nikolai KOZYREV claimed that universes exist, parallel to ours, and between them there are tunnels – “black” and “white” holes. According to the “blacks” from our universe goes into parallel worlds matter, and by the “white” energy comes from us.

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