Turkish shop hired a “feminist cat”, attacking men

Turkish shop hiredA photo from open sources

A hilarious video representing the web is gaining popularity a cut of recordings from a surveillance camera near one of the stores in the Istanbul Bayrampasha district. The street cat living here became famous for her dislike of the stronger sex. The animal methodically watches men around the corner, and then unexpectedly attacks them, leading the Turks into fright, indignation or confusion. In addition, this formidable purr attacks and passing past the dogs.

The cat does not touch women and children, which is why Web users in jokingly called her “feminist.” It is noteworthy that the owners store “A101” learned about the existence of such a neighbor only after when they were surprised to see their outlet in the news, dedicated to this unusual cat. Management decided to take care of purr and officially make her your guard animal. Cat called Bajir, instilled, and in addition, she installed a small a booth near the store and, of course, put on a allowance.

Many of us will say that this is not the best thing for business. decision as the guard cat will continue to scare away not only dogs, but also male buyers. However, it turned out that it will not always be so. The veterinarians who examined Bijir found that the animal is pregnant and simply exhibits a protective instinct. Taking into account how much cats love cats in Turkey, we can assume that the owners of “A101” will wait until the kittens of our heroine grow up, and Bajir will calm down. In any case, for a homeless animal, all this the story turned out to be happy. Well, Turkish men can be patient …

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