Twelve different personalities in one the body

Twelve different personalities in one bodyPhoto from open sources

Despite the fact that an ordinary person identifies himself as a single personality, its split occurs much more often than we all present it. And therefore, probably, each person is often exclaims something like this: God, I don’t understand why I am did what came over me …

As a rule, our second personality (most often “bad”, although it happens and vice versa) – quite weak, and manifests itself only in rare cases, for example, during severe intoxication (most a familiar sign of a split personality), with great stress, during somnambulistic sleep time and so on. Moreover, for some it bifurcation is extremely rare, in others much more often – and it is the latter that often begin to suffer seriously from this.

A photo from open sources

Can you imagine people who get along not just two, but right away several personalities! And not just get along, but constantly compete with each other. It’s such a rare disease called dissociative identity disorder, Georgia’s 23-year-old Lauren Stott from Georgia which has 12 personalities in its head.

Doctor David Spiegel of Stanford University explains that usually people confuse this, very rare, schizophrenic disease, but far from it.

Schizophrenics, he says, perceive the world distortedly, which borders most often on delusions and hallucinations. While with dissociative disorder, a person is quite normal, just he has problems with many personalities that are not just differ from each other, but also have (each of them) own memories and distinct feelings of identity and self-awareness as the “I” as a whole. As a rule, people are not born with such a disorder, this happens, presumably, as a result some kind of mental trauma in childhood, and very strong, which includes a psychological mechanism for protecting a person from something similar in the future.

Strong and weak personalities Lauren Stott

Inside Lauren Stott, 12 personalities get along, some of which strong, dominant, for example, among them there is a certain Sylvia, which at any moment can throw a child’s tantrum, because she is only 7 years old. Also, often “breaks out” a teenage girl named Hope who is sure that her raped (David Spiegel sure that this particular injury that Lauren survived in school, and served as the reason for her diseases). Among the personalities of Stott, a special place is occupied by the devout Mormon, and at the same time, some of her subpersonalities are a girl associates with animals. She divides all of them into four, “building” in three rows, and the first row is just the leaders who exert on Lauren and her behavior in society are a decisive influence.

A photo from open sources

The girl is currently working in a homeless shelter animals, because I am sure that they, and first of all her favorite dog Sergeant Tibbs, help her cope with her illness, and not medication doctors. Here is her personal opinion about her illness:

People have a misconception about this disease. After watching horror films, all kinds of action movies and TV shows, ordinary people for some reason think that people with a split personality, like me, certainly crazy and killers. Actually similar with such very rare happens to patients, much less often than with ordinary people, among which maniacs, sadists and rapists are much more. That’s why it hurts me so much when they start try on the “clothes” of a cruel psychopath. Although living with many personalities within themselves – not a gift …

A photo from open sources

This is confirmed by the guy Lauren, with whom the girl is already engaged to. He admits that there are several It’s sometimes difficult to deal with individuals, but it’s even interesting and often exciting. That’s just how they will turn out life, if they get married, he does not even imagine …

By the way, we note that the most famous person who has a split into 24 personalities (10 of them – the main ones) was a certain Billy Milligan (1955-2014). In the seventies of the last century, he even threatened with jail for rape and robbery, but eventually young the American was acquitted because, as he claimed, nothing knew about all these atrocities committed by his “secret” personalities. Billy was sent to a psychiatric clinic, where came out in 1988, supposedly completely healthy. Is it so or not (see film below), as well as the fact that an American is, quite possibly, just deftly fooled US investigators and judges, no one knows. However, David Spiegel assures people like Lauren Stott and even Billy Milligan in the world is not so small, just many of them unjustifiably “locked up” in a mental hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia …


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