Two-headed dolphin caught by the Netherlands

Two-headed dolphin caught by the NetherlandsPhotos from open sources of

Dutch fishermen accidentally caught in the North Sea amazing dead two-headed dolphin.

The plowmen of the blue cornfield considered that such a catch is illegal in The European Union and threw the lifeless sea dweller back, however, before that they photographed him several times. Afterwards they sent the received pictures to scientists, quite surprising those. Experts report that this is only the ninth known case. dicephaly (double-headedness) among cetaceans.

A photo from open sources

An unusual catch was received at the end of May of this year. Fishermen went on a boat in the North Sea and threw a net approximately 30 kilometers off the coast of the Netherlands. As a result, in she and the fish got a lifeless cub of a guinea pig with two heads. Dolphin looking like a Siamese twin had one body with a complete set of limbs and two heads with three eyes. Scientists report that anglers were frightened in vain and got rid from a mutant – since he was dead, then no laws were violated. Most likely, the cub died immediately after birth, like this occurs in mammals with diphtheria.

A photo from open sources

It is noteworthy that before two-headed porpoises never met science, and this corpse was a kind of value for researchers. The discovery is also interesting for the reason that cetaceans, as mentioned above, a similar malformation extremely rare. Their females, as a rule, give birth to everything one cub each, therefore, the mechanism of occurrence in the womb of the sea pigs of the second zygote, merged with the first, is for specialists a real mystery of nature.


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