Two obscure luminous objects “danced” in sky over Germany

Two obscure luminous objectsA photo from open sources

The video below was received on February 3 years in German Stuttgart.

Local residents have witnessed an amazing phenomenon: over two large bright balls appeared in the city a kind of “dance”. Unidentified flying objects approached and moved away in the air, revolved around each other and moved symmetrically, like some intelligent creatures.

Of course, eyewitnesses did not fail to capture an unusual phenomenon on mobile phone cameras. Published on the World Wide Web videos quickly caught the attention of ufologists, mystic researchers and simple regulars of the Internet. Many commentators draw attention to the fact that the mysterious UFOs soared near the line support power transmission. Perhaps these balls are interested in electricity, running through the cables of a power grid?

Some users of virtual space believe that we can talk about a pair of ball lightning. These glowing and formations floating in the air often actually behave as living beings and are attracted to those places where there are electric power. The nature of ball lightning has not been fully understood by scientists, therefore, they can be considered no less mysterious than ghosts or aliens.

However, the most popular hypothesis, of course, states that over Stuttgart turned out to be two alien aircraft.


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