Two suns again spotted in the sky

Two suns again noticed in the skyPhotos from open sources of

Authoritative British astronomer Paul Cox last year made an amazing statement. The scientist said that he was observing simultaneously 2 suns in the sky. One of them was clearly familiar to everyone. The sun, and to another – some other astronomical object of no less size and brightness. The global scientific community has embraced this news with great interest, but researchers of the supernatural phenomena were not too impressed with her.

According to them, in recent years, this phenomenon dozens of times noticed in many parts of the earth. For example, January 13 this years, at 8:48 a.m., another startling observation was made resident of the English capital. Fortunately, the Londoner did not fail capture it on a smartphone camera. By including the following video recording, you can clearly see two bright suns, located incredibly close together in the sky.

Similar materials, falling into the World Wide Web, invariably make Web users think of an impending Apocalypse. The theory that to our “blue ball” is widespread rushing Nibiru, also known as the Planet X. According to the conspiracy theorists, this is a deadly celestial body described in Sumerian-Akkadian mythology, either has already approached the Earth, or only approaching, periodically arising on the earth mirage due to distortion of space and time.

The sun

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