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A man able to attract to himself has appeared in the USA unidentified flying objects by the power of thought. Costs Robert Bingham just think of alien ships as it appears in the sky several luminous points at once. The man does not have his unusual gift hesitates to demonstrate to the public and has never once disappointed viewers. These frames are shown by one of the American television channels. caused a stir in the USA – Los Angeles resident Robert Bingham in the presence of numerous spectators caused a UFO by the power of thought and unidentified objects, as commissioned appeared in the sky after 15 minutes. – It was unbelievable, flying saucers circled right above my head … – says Monica Pavlovsky, an eyewitness to this spectacle. – I counted two UFOs, they moved across the sky, it was very spectacularly says another eyewitness. Robert himself says that space objects at his command arrive not for the first time …, how he manages to summon aliens Robert explain not maybe he says that a special gift appeared in his already advanced age ..

US Power of Thought

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