Ufologists discovered mysterious disks in Antarctica

Ufologists discovered mysterious disks in AntarcticaPhoto from open sources

Antarctica holds great secrets that comprehend much harder than anywhere else because it’s climate-related features of this ice continent. It’s no coincidence that the Third Reich, interested in any esoteric knowledge, showed to Antarctica has a lot of attention, leaving subsequent generations even the legend that the German elite of the mid-20th century succeeded penetrate the secrets of the most southern point of the Earth, secrets, beyond our materialistic world.

A photo from open sources

For this reason, traces are still found in Antarctica, abandoned by either aliens or researchers of the Third Reich. And if earlier such information was hardly leaked to the media, today, thanks to the Internet and map servers, the ice continent is under scrutiny and study virtual archaeologists who periodically find something here interesting. It is no coincidence that the Google Maps server even tried to cover up Antarctica “white circle”, not allowing independent researchers consider this mysterious mainland. True it it didn’t lead to anything, especially since there are map servers and in addition to Google, whose experts immediately “thought better of it,” quickly returning to the former “permissiveness.”

Thanks to this, online archaeologists in the United States recently came across Google satellite imagery (see video) for another riddle forever cold mainland. Researchers managed to review on photo strange disc-shaped objects that in any case are not can be natural formations, and blame them on activities Antarctic expeditions are all the more difficult.

On the snowy surface of Antarctica, either thawed, or appeared for some other reason, two objects, measuring 30-50 meters. The latter is generally an ideal disc, very similar on the classic “flying saucer” aliens. However, something the Nazis also created this, so ufologists at a loss are traces of the activity of aliens or employees of the Third Reich? ..


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