UK to host international werewolves conference

An international conference on werewolves will take place in the UKA photo from open sources at the University of Hertfordshire’s English early fall will be an international conference on a very unusual disease.

A unique three-day event would surely be left without public attention, if the academics were not going to talk on the topic of lycanthropy – an unproven science of a disease that causes the human body metamorphoses that turn the patient during full moon in the wolf. In other words, professors from many countries intend to discuss the topic of werewolf in the Foggy Albion.

The conference will begin on September 3, just four days before the next full moon. Specialists will discuss the history of lycanthropy, real cases resembling a mythical disease, as well as the impact werewolves on modern culture.

The conference will be open – everyone can visit it, listen to experts and ask them your questions. Moreover, professors will demonstrate real wild wolves and conduct a tour of the Burkhamsted cemetery, where the feral child Peter – a German boy who grew up in the forest in complete isolation from people.

Conference founder Sam George told reporters: “Lycanthropy has fascinated people for centuries. It’s amazing a myth full of mysticism and mystery. Official science denies the possibility that a person is able to turn into animals, however, we can prove that such myths did not arise on an empty location. For example, there is such a disease as hypertrichosis. It manifests itself in excessive hair growth throughout the body. Earlier it was believed that this is half-human-half-animal, but now it’s good it’s just a rare disease. ”

And yet, are there werewolves or not? And will the participants be able to Conference put an end to this issue? ..

UK Werewolves

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