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Leslie Flint said: “I can say without hesitation that I Britain’s most trusted medium. “Flint did not dissemble. For during the 42-year career, they tried to bring him to the net many times water. Locked, tied, sealed the room in which he was poured tinted water into his mouth … But no one ever he could not convict an outstanding spirit of fraud. LET DANCE This nugget was born in 1911 year in London, in the orphanage of the Salvation Army. He soon left without parents: mother abandoned her son and went to look for the best shares, and father went to the front, and no one else saw him. The boy was taken up by a grandmother. Leslie grew up terrifying poverty, sometimes he had to dine only with a dry biscuit yes sour jam. UK'sPhotos from open sources At the age of 8 years old boy for the first time realized that he is not like everyone else. Then Flint saw on grandmother’s kitchen is the figure of his uncle. It would seem that such a thing? Never mind. Just by that time, uncle had long been in the best from the worlds. Then the boy began to wonder voices that no one except him, I have not heard. They sounded whenever and wherever – in the classroom, during the movie session, before bedtime. However, Leslie was afraid to talk about voices to others: they will even think that he is not in himself! In his youth Flint I tried many professions. He was a gardener, a cashier in a movie, bartender and even grave digger. But most of all he liked dance. He successfully passed the certification exam, allowing you to give private lessons. Perhaps over time ballroom dancing would become his life’s work, if it weren’t for chance: one of his the student, a certain Edith Mandin, admitted to the teacher that she was attending spiritualistic circle. The girl did not even know how much this message interested Leslie. Of course, at the first Opportunities, he went with her to the session. There he finally realized: the spiritualistic abilities with which he is endowed from above are not are something reprehensible. Moreover, Flint decided demonstrate them in public. And was a resounding success! Edith Mandin invited him to open his own spiritualistic circle. She I didn’t doubt for a minute: Leslie will find a real one in this field glory. Edith volunteered to help Flint, and their collaboration at the end ends ended with a wedding. MYSTERIES OF STARS In 1935, the medium Leslie Flint made his first public appearance. Followed by others performances – in hotel rooms, in theaters, in unfamiliar houses, in churches. Edith was right: husband’s fame reached incredible heights. Both ordinary people and celebrities. Among them – the British actor, producer and director Leslie Howard, composer, singer and actor Ivor Novello, archbishop from Canterbury Cosmo Lang. Even the royal family did not disdain invite Flint to Kensington Palace. But this is what! Departed into the world of another star, it seemed, only wanted to communicate with Leslie Flint. It began with the fact that somehow a resident of Munich wrote medium, the actor and dancer Rudolph made contact with her Valentino and expressed a desire to talk with Flint. Leslie agreed and Valentino spoke with him in his native Italian language. Then more and more prominent personalities who went to another world, went to communication. Marilyn Monroe confessed to him that she was not going to end her life suicide. Frederic Chopin said that he writes music on the light. Bernard Shaw and Shakespeare admitted the same thing: they, too, after deaths continue to work. And aviation pioneer Amy Johnson complained that now she can not indulge in her favorite pastime – fly on a plane. ADVANCED BUNNY Such information Flint received, as a rule, in the presence of numerous witnesses. Despite this, he was constantly accused of fraud. To to prove the opposite, the medium never refused to speak in as an experimental rabbit. What only experiments on it are not set! In his autobiography, Voices in the Dark, Flint describes as he was “stuck in a box, tied, sealed, but the voices are still appeared to convey their message of eternal life. ” Photos from open sources in the journal Psychic News on February 14 The 1948 experiment describes in detail during which Flint taped his mouth with a band-aid, tied a scarf, and tied his hands to an armchair. Despite all the tricks, the spirits got in touch, and they spoke in their lifetime voices. What everyone heard twelve people in the room were enough to to convince the most inveterate skeptic. Dr. Louis Yong, who exposed in the United States more than one fraudulent medium, filled his mouth Flint with tinted water so that the medium could not utter a sound. But this did not stop the spirits from getting in touch. Scientists only bred hands: well, this can’t be! Flint is probably talented ventriloquist? However, this was ruled out, since it was a question of the deceased’s original voice that his friends could not but recognize relatives. The microphone hidden in the room was unnecessary proof that Flint had conversations when not fixed on the film. After all, flint is bitter disappointed in experiments and experimenters. “Having decided to participate in experiments, he recalled, I naively believed that researchers will tell the whole world the truth about life after death. However, he quickly realized that many of them have their own unshakable beliefs precluding belief in … the possibility of life after death. “The only expert to vouch for authenticity of Flint’s abilities, was William Ben-no, professor Electrical Engineering at Columbia University in New York … … And So one day, Flint decided: enough with him! And since then performed exclusively for his own pleasure. On film – “for future generations” – thousands of voices of spirits were recorded, speaking different languages, including the dead. Records more than once tried to investigate, but to this day it is not clear how to us voices come from the other world. Leslie took this secret with him to the next world in April 1994. Lyubov DYAKOVA

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