Underwater forest

Underwater ForestPhotos from open There are a lot of amazing, beautiful and mysterious sources on Earth. places! Here in Kazakhstan, at an altitude of 2,000 meters, is the magnificent beauty of Kaindy Lake. The water in this lake is clear and unusually turquoise. However, the lake is called “dead.” In it not fish are found, and in the midst of it stands a dead forest. The fact is that in An earthquake occurred in 1910, due to which landslides blocked gorge. And the mountain river filled it with water along with coniferous forest, who grew up here once. Therefore, this place is sometimes called “Drowned forest.” There is very cold water in the lake. It’s for this the reason the tree trunks are well preserved, as well as the needles under water. Two streams flow into the lake, which form small waterfalls off the coast. Photo from open sources It is also interesting that the name “Kaindy” with Kazakh is translated as “birch”. Although in Kazakhstan dominated by the Tien Shan spruce. However, in several kilometers from the lake is a large birch grove. Is worth note that the lake changes the color of water depending on the weather. For example, in bad weather, the water in the lake becomes dark green shade. Kainda Lake is very popular among divers. And this not surprising. Many would like to take a walk on the underwater the forest. Photo from open sources

Water Kazakhstan

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