Undisclosed Secrets of the Black Sea

Unsolved Secrets of the Black SeaPhotos from open sources The Black Sea is full of mysteries, it’s not even quite ordinary in appearance, as the deep Crimean peninsula turns into it this reservoir in the original figure, somewhat reminiscent of the top (if look from space) a modern sneaker. Where there before her “Italian boot” …

But the Black Sea is also notable for the fact that it still stores great secrets not subject to modern scholars and numerous to researchers. For example, why the ancient Greeks called him first Pontus Aksinsky, that is, inhospitable, and considered completely unsuitable for navigation, and later suddenly renamed Euxinous, that is, hospitable sea space and steel furiously surf the subject, creating numerous Hellenic colonies?

Hydrogen sulfide, which almost completely filled with the Black Sea, except for the upper layer – no more than two hundred meters (with a reservoir depth of up to two and a half kilometers). Where did he come from this hydrogen sulfide, why is it not more than in any sea of ​​the world? Some scientists believe that the origin of the Black Sea hydrogen sulfide is relatively recent, then there are millennia ago he was not here. However what are these Do researchers speculate?

It is not clear to scientists and such a secret: why in the Black Sea there are representatives of fauna and flora, characteristic, for example, for Baltic pond and why they are not found in the same Mediterranean, which can be called the elder brother of the Black?

A photo from open sources

And these are far from the only mysteries of the unique Black Sea. Suffice it to recall that there are Karadag marine monsters that periodically come across locals and guests Crimea and are some kind of prehistoric reptiles – not less fantastic than the monsters of the famous Loch Ness lake. Century secrets are kept here by the Bear Mountain, next to which UFO activity is observed, in view of which ufologists did even the assumption that under the mountain is the base of alien ships, and the entrance to it is located somewhere deep in the depths of the sea. Crimeans for example, they constantly observe how in the Bear Mountain UFO dive into the water and fly out of the water.

See these and other mysteries of the Black Sea in the new documentary dedicated to this unique and in some degrees even a fantastic reservoir, which is the most favorite vacation spot for millions of Russians.

Water Crimea Bears

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