Unexplained phenomena that scientists just hush up

Inexplicable phenomena that scientists are simply silentA photo from open sources

Someone is constantly confronted with miracles, for someone it’s fairy tales, however, paranormal things happen in our lives, and this is the same reality as, say, rain or snow that we seem so mundane.

Alien Artifacts

On the evening of January 29, 1986 near the Far Eastern town Dalnegorsk there was a strange event. In a hill on a huge speed crashed into a large luminous “meteorite.” Top of this hill visible here from all over the city, so almost all local the inhabitants witnessed something mysterious. Later on the hills began to burn, reminiscent of welding. Strong January snowfall didn’t let us immediately approach the glow, which lasted, as the locals say, for about an hour. Only three a day later, the researchers managed to climb to the top and see strange fragments, clearly melted under the influence of high temperature. Surprisingly, at the same time, at a distance of several centimeters from a fallen celestial body, bushes and trees remained safe and sound.

A photo from open sources

Collision with the rock left many interesting artifacts, whose chemical composition turned out to be extremely rare, if not completely atypical of the earth. For example, balls and structures were found, reminiscent of the structure of the grid. Many of them had high melting point, although it seemed plastic. Scientists have suggested that such chemical compounds are almost impossible to obtain in vivo our the planet. Then – what is it? ..

Annabelle doll

These events formed the basis of the American horror film “The Curse of Annabelle.” In 1970, an American student celebrated her birthday. Mom gave her a big antique a doll that she acquired in an antique goods store. After a few days strange things began to happen. Every morning the girl neatly laid the doll on the bed in the apartment, which she filmed with a friend. The arms of the toy were at the seams, and the legs were extended. But by evening, the doll assumed a completely different position. For example, the legs were crossed, and his hands were on his knees. The doll could also see in unexpected places in your home.

The girls came to the logical conclusion that during their absence in a stranger comes in with an odd feeling humor. It was decided to conduct an experiment and seal the windows and door so that the attacker leaves traces after the visit. Neither one trap didn’t work, and the oddities with the doll continued take place. Moreover, bloody spots began to appear on the doll. Naturally, the police, who were attracted a little later to this strange thing, could not help the girls. I had to turn to the medium. He told that once upon a time at the place of this dwelling a seven-year-old girl died, whose spirit is played with this doll, thereby giving some signs, for example, requests for help. But then something terrible began to happen to the doll at all.

A photo from open sources

Once the girls were visited by their friend. Suddenly from the neighboring empty the room heard a noise. When the guys looked out the door, in it there was nobody, and on the floor lay a doll. Suddenly the guy screamed and grabbed the chest. On his shirt came bloody spots. The chest was all scratched. The girls left that day apartment and turned to a couple of famous esotericists Warren, engaged in the study of abnormal phenomena. It turned out that Annabelle is not just a doll, but a kind of evil entity that enjoyed the confidence of the girls. The Warren held a rite of purification, after which terrible things in the apartment no longer arose. Samu the girl’s doll was happily given away for eternal storage to her to saviors.

Rubber blocks

Over the past thirty years on the shores of Europe regularly mysterious artifacts are discovered. These are rubber blocks Rectangular with rounded edges and the inscription “TJIPETIR”. It turned out that the word was called Indonesian rubber plantation that existed at the beginning of the last century. But how to explain the appearance of these products on the other side of the planet? Specialists suggest that plates are washed away from a sunken merchant the ship.

A photo from open sources

But in this case, very mysterious oddities can be traced. Firstly, plates appear in England, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, which speaks of a huge number of blocks during shipwrecks. Such an impressive consignment should be reflected in any archival documents, however, none were found. Secondly, rubber is made 100 years ago, but it, surprisingly researchers of this phenomenon, very well preserved. Are these plates from a parallel world? ..

Time Ancient Artifacts Dolls

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