Unfortunate people

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In 2004, “Night” appeared on the screens of Russian cinemas patrol “- the first domestic blockbuster. The film sounded legend of a woman wearing a curse. Wherever she is appeared, soon someone was dying. Legend? Not really. Such “carriers of death” in history really were.

Typhoid Mary

The story of Mary Mallon, an immigrant from Ireland, begins in 1900 the year a 30-year-old woman appeared in New York State. Good, affectionate, amazing cook – reviews about her have always been the most the best. Many wealthy families happily hired her to as a servant. But with Mary, typhus came to the family. First reporters found her trace in Mamaronek, where after Mary’s two-week stay in 1900 caused an epidemic of typhoid. In 1901, Mary appeared in New York and the family took on work a young Irish woman, patients with fever and diarrhea appeared. She changed jobs and in a new family 6 people fell ill with abdominal symptoms right away typhoid.

A photo from open sources Apparently Mary knew about her strange features and therefore never for a long time lingered, seeking quit before the consequences of her stay. She passed from one family to another, and in each left after itself from three to 5 sick. In 1906, the city’s sanitary service, investigating strange cases of typhoid fever Mary followed her arrested. Doctors examined a woman – she was absolutely healthy and never had typhus. Yet her away from sin put in quarantine on an island for three years North Brother. In 1910, Mary left the hospital under oath promise never to work as a cook again.

A photo from open sources In 1915 in the Sloan Women’s Hospital typhoid epidemic broke out – 25 patients at once. In order to determine source of infection a group of doctors left for the place. One of them and recognized in the cook chef miss brown mary mullon. As she explained the laundress’s work was much less profitable than the cooks because of what she and broke the promise. She was again arrested and sent back to North Brother. Officially, the authorities could not put forward against her no charges. However, to release the will of the walking bacteriological they were afraid of the bomb. Mary Mallon spent on the island almost in imprisoned for the rest of his life and died in 1938 at the age of 69 years from pneumonia.

Ogre Gene Weber

In 1906, almost simultaneously with Typhoid Mary, newspaper men glorified Gene Weber, calling her the Ogre. First victims her two sons are considered. Both died literally in her arms. Female loved sons and every time at the funeral sincerely sobbed. Neighbors and acquaintances sympathized with grief. Then two children died, after whom she looked after. The police naturally had suspicions, Jin arrested. However, doctors only shrugged: the death of all four came from natural causes. And the fact that every time it is happened in the presence of Gene Weber – then what kind of coincidences in life does not happen! A few months later, Jin visited her girlfriend. She took her son in her arms, and literally right there baby coughed and gasped. Gene was again arrested and released again. The boy really was sick, but why did the aggravation happen? exactly at the moment when he was in the arms of Mrs. Gene Weber? The ogre was freed, then her tracks are lost.

Christina Fallings

February 2, 1980 at the Blownstown American Police Florida) there was a phone call. Tearing voice young the girl said that her name is Christina Fallings, she serves as a nanny and the baby in her care died. Departed for the specified the outfit really found a dead child and beating in hysterical 18-year-old Christina. The girl was arrested. Doctors spent autopsy of the baby and established the cause of death – cerebral edema. Christina released. Fleeing from heavy memories, the girl moved to neighboring Lakeland. Soon a telephone rang in Lakeland police the bell. This time, ward Christina Fallings died of myocarditis. Then in the family where the girl got a job as a housekeeper, he also died child, again from myocarditis, and in July she died in the arms of Christina girl after vaccination against whooping cough. In less than half a year – 4 deaths, the police had something to think about. During the investigation, an interesting fact: Christina tried to get into another family, but the children, who were brought to meet the nanny, convulsed. Children survived, but they had to spend some time in the hospital. Doctors carefully examined Christina at the most modern equipment, however, no causative agents of dangerous infections in its the body is not found. The charges were dropped, however the girl strongly advised never to deal with children.

Unfortunate people

There aren’t many such terrible fatal stories, but here are cases where the presence of an individual individual causes all sorts of troubles abound. There is even a special term: unhappy man syndrome. Scientists are looking for clues to all these strange events. Of the three cases described above, one is no longer is a secret. Typhoid Mary, as shown after her autopsy, was a carrier of typhoid, while remaining absolutely healthy. During the 20th century, doctors registered several such cases. As for the Ogre Gene Weber and Christina Fallings, then these cases remained a mystery. So for now score 1: 2 in favor of the unknown.

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