Unique Nobel Laureate at 96: continued discoveries should

Unique Nobel Laureate at 96: Continuation of Discoveries FollowsA photo from open sources

Arthur Ashkin from New Jersey last year awarded the title of Nobel Prize in Physics. His the invention is an optical tweezers capable of possessing with laser beam fantastically small particles, say with DNA, or even smaller. But amazing in all this story was age scientist-inventor – 96 years. Moreover, this man has long been senior citizen, has not lost any clarity of thinking, nor youthful impulses to do something extraordinary for the world.

This is probably why he was among such a venerable age winners of the most prestigious world award. But as reported Business Insider publishing house, this tireless old man right there set about embodying his next idea, which, according to Arthur Eshkin himself, must surpass his unique optical the device is many times in its significance to humanity. The thing is that his new invention is a device capable of significantly reduce the cost of electricity.

A photo from open sources

According to journalists, recently visited a laureate Nobel Prize, a scientist is developing his new brainchild in basement of his house. To date, according to Eshkin himself, he has already filed all the necessary patent applications, the benefit of experience in this question already has. Without going into details how it will work his device and refusing to show the device to reporters, a scientist stated that he hopes soon as he gets all the necessary documents tell about your invention on the pages of the magazine Science.

In a nutshell, using a special design from reflectors, his device is able to increase the power of solar batteries many times over, so they will quickly pay back, fantastically effective, capable of producing real revolution in the world’s energy industry. It will be clean and inexpensive. renewable energy that can be used as simple philistines and enterprises.

To the natural question of journalists, how did he master the necessary for this knowledge of chemistry, Arthur replied: his wife helped him in this Alina, whom he married in due time only because she was a surprisingly smart woman, further supporting her husband and helping him in all his “crazy” endeavors.

A photo from open sources

Spouses want to spend the Nobel Prize on grandchildren, whom there are five of them and who can now study in the most prestigious colleges of the country. And yet, added the 96-year-old gentleman, I’m sure I bring Alina to the most chic restaurant …

Here’s how to live and feel at 96! Wife’s age Arthur is not specified, but it must be assumed that Alina, like her husband, demonstrates something phenomenal, at least as noted Journalists, Eshkina’s spouses are great optimists who have not lost their years of neither mental ability nor pure mental outbursts …


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