Unkillable people: charmed from death?

Unkillable people: spellbound from death?Photos from open sources of

History knows many times when people tried to kill one way or another, however, no matter how hard the executioners, nothing came of it.

Unkillable Drunkard

In 1933, the famous American gangster in his circles named Anthony Marino, then having financial difficulties, decided to kill his girlfriend and as a result got her insurance.

Encouraged by such luck, the bandit dared to repeat the crime. A certain Michael Melloy was chosen as an object, a big drunkard and a regular in a popular drinking establishment in The Bronx, owned by Marino himself. Accomplices as many gangsters in the name of Melloy were insured, and then the conspirators began to ponder how to finish the drunkard and not raise suspicion of murder.

They believed that he would be drunk to death, appear at him such opportunity. And the bar owner Marino provided Melloy with unlimited credit. Blessed by such a twist of fate, he drank without drying out and at the same time remained in good health. Then impatient marino replaced wine … with antifreeze!

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Having drunk it, the commando Melloy, however, lost consciousness, nevertheless less, he soon recovered and ordered the whole next week at the bar he liked the antifreeze.

In turn, the gangsters cooked with Mello and did a mortal surprise by mixing rat poison with horse ointment. However the invulnerable drunkard did not even feel the difference and still demanded free drink.

Having tasted wood alcohol with rotten sardines and oysters, he enthusiastically demanded supplements …

Angered by constant setbacks, the bandits dragged the drunk Melloe was outside and doused with cold water, left to lie all night in the snow with twenty degrees of frost. Need I say that this their attempt was unsuccessful …

In desperation, the gangsters hired a killer – and he hit Melloe car, and then also specifically moved his victim. Three Melloy spent weeks in the hospital, after which he again came to the bar Marino for a free drink …

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Death to a drunkard who didn’t want to die came only then, when the killers shoved the resisting Melloy’s head into the gas they kept the oven until the unfortunate person died. However, the joy Marino and his henchmen did not last long: the police revealed this crime, and the killers were arrested.

Unkillable grave digger

A quarter of a century after the events described above, he lived and was himself New Orleans grave digger, whose name was Sam Dombey. The competing colleagues did not like him much, because Dombey took significantly lower fees for their services. Once they hired the famous killer Boregar, so that he decisively cracked down on Sam.

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The next morning, Dombey worked at the cemetery, when suddenly I heard a loud explosion behind me. Turning around, he saw that from bushes, stumbling, some man came out. It was unlucky a killer who put too much buckshot and gunpowder in cartridge, why the gun exploded right in his hands.

Since the first attempt to get rid of Dombey failed, grave diggers decided to eliminate the opponent on their own, and for this put a time bomb under Sam’s bed in the barn. The explosion brought down the building, and threw the grave diggers themselves by a dozen meters to the side, while he did not cause the sleeper harm.

Stubborn grave diggers did not want to give up, and soon kidnapped Dombey. Tied their victim hand and foot, they threw her into the waters of Lake Ponchartain. However Sam managed somehow free himself from the bond, which saved his life.

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His enemies took the next step – set fire to the house of Dombey, and when he ran out into the street, he was riddled with gun bullets. Expiring they delivered the man to the clinic with blood … and quickly cured him.

Envious grave diggers never managed to kill Sam: he survived them all and died a natural death in almost a century age …

The energy field of an unkillable individual

All of us have heard more than once about people who “do not take bullets.” Why is this happening?

As scientists have proved, not only man, but also any living thing a creature can create a subtle field around itself and manage it (as a rule, this happens subconsciously).

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Who has not seen what happens when a dog drives a cat into a dead end? She turns to her pursuer and takes a certain pose – arches back, raises tail pipe, dilates pupils … The dog freezes in place, but not at all because it is afraid of this threatening pose. In fact, as psychics say, around cats formed dense energy field, which is impossible to overcome.

And here is a telling example from history. As you know, under Kutuzov and Napoleon killed horses more than once, with cores torn apart by nearby generals and orderlies … However, he and another avoided injuries, although they never bowed to bullets.

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As for Napoleon, while still a lieutenant, he always went into battle ahead of his grenadiers and was invulnerable to bullets. This Napoleon did not change the habit and in the rank of general, instilling such in the manner of courage in French soldiers and in a hurry in enemies. From one of its kind blew mysticism.

An interesting story told by the famous St. Petersburg parapsychologist A. Martynov. Anatoly Vasilyevich heard her from former front-line soldier from the city of Tikhvin by the name of Antonov. During the assault The Red Army of the German fortress Breslau received a platoon of machine gunners order to take the church in the middle of a large area.

The smoke screen helped the platoon take possession of the church and provide communication in order to adjust artillery fire. However, the wire was soon broken, since the area was completely shot through. The commander gave the order reconnect. Antonov’s partner, who went first, was killed in a few seconds.

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It was the turn to go to Antonov, who, incidentally, did not receive for throughout the war not a single scratch. He later recalled that asphalt around him, it crumbled right under the bullets, but not one of them didn’t touch him. Antonov crawled under this hail of bullets about fifty meters and safely connected the wire, after which returned to the church under the same frantic fire. Already there the fighter lost overvoltage consciousness …

Phenomenal invulnerability was famous for Nestor Makhno and the famous Soviet pilot Alexander Pokryshkin. Last spent hundreds air fights from which came out unscathed. For Pokryshkin hunted the best German aces; Luftwaffe pilots managed to bring down many followers of Alexander Ivanovich, but he himself was like spoken to.

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If we talk about political leaders, then the undoubted record holder for survival among them – former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. According to the American media, it was not arranged for him less than six hundred assassination attempts, with killings almost always planned top-class professionals who rarely misfire. However, the CIA and Cuban counter-revolutionary organizations turned out to be powerless against Castro with all his poisons, bombs, bullets and etc.

How do scientists explain this phenomenon? They say the bullet moves straightforwardly only “for itself,” but in reality – flies according to the geodesic line of space. Therefore, if the space around the person is curved, the bullet will go around him body, which in this case is a kind of gravitational mass. But this is for bullets, and poisons are planted bombs and other killing methods that were used, say, in regarding the same Fidel Castro? Why didn’t they work?

And why are there so few “unkillable people” compared to “ordinary people” mortal “? The answer to this question, it seems to us, lies in areas of the human spirit. Statement that the “bold bullet afraid “, of course, was born not from scratch …

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