Unknown Africa: Amazing Population mainland

Unknown Africa: the amazing population of the mainlandPhoto from open sources

European missionaries in central Africa noted the extremely diverse ethnic composition of the local population. On the mainland, they were able to detect the rarest anthropological types preserved only in this part Sveta.

This is the Semitic-Hamitic population and the Cushitic peoples, this dwarf pygmies not exceeding 149 centimeters tall and living in Rwanda and Burundi are the Tutsi giants, who are undoubtedly the most the tallest people in the world. Two meter women for their tribe not rarity, as well as men with a height of 2.3 meters.

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It seems that we have already studied our planet far and wide, and the hot African continent has nothing to surprise us with, but is that so? Nearly two centuries have passed since David Livingston took up exploration of a land unknown to Europeans, delving into the very the heart of Africa and knowing its unsolved secrets. And although it went like that a lot of time from the first scientific expeditions undertaken to to study and understand the life of the local population, to this day we have not we have accurate information about tribes living in the deaf and remote areas of the mainland.

For a long time in South Africa rumors circulated about the claws. At first, ethnographers considered the legend of people with strange limbs fiction, but years passed, and the amazing tribe of Wadom was found scientists, and his representatives are photographed.

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Antarctic Africans were very shy. They are avoided contact with the outside world, did not make contact with strangers. Because of their inactivity and desire to hide from strangers eye the existence of the tribe for a long time remained a mystery to scientists. The claws are almost a primitive way of life, cattle breeding and provide themselves with everything necessary by yourself. Their numbers, as ethnographers suggest, may make up a few hundred people.

Representatives of the Wadom tribe, in fact, are no different from Bantu peoples, if you do not take into account the fact that from time among them two-fingered babies are born. Mothers relate to him, as to ordinary children, no one mocks them and points at them with a finger, and when they grow up, the claws are full members of their tribe.

When asked why parents are equally likely to both two-fingered and absolutely healthy children are born, scientists so far cannot find a definite answer. Most likely, the reason should be look for related marriages widespread in African tribes. Biologists believe that a random mutation formed in the result of incest, could develop into a genetic marriage, which periodically manifested in newborns.

A photo from open sources

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