Unknown alloy from the anomalous zone Zhirnovsk

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It is possible that Volgograd scientists managed to make brilliant scientific discovery by opening a new element of the table Mendeleev, whose hardness is higher than the hardness of materials that used in the space industry. At the moment it has no official name, as well as numbers in the system chemical elements. And the story of his discovery is pretty mysterious. It all started with an expedition to Medveditskaya Mountain, in the time of which the Volgograd researcher of unexplored phenomena nature and psyche Roman Valiulin and Volga researcher abnormal phenomena Gennady Belimov found under his feet quite noticeable pebble. In these places there is a lot of surprising so they decided to leave it as a souvenir. According to curator of the research group “Consciousness” Roman Valiulina, the first thing that caught my eye was the same on both sides through hole with fused edges. It is possible that it left after a linear lightning strike, which in these parts is not rarity. According to the researcher, this makes the sample unique, since the shape of the hole in this case is the shape of the lightning itself. For the study of the fused sample had to be sawed off a small a piece. However, he succumbed with difficulty, neither the Bulgarian nor the hacksaw helped. But still, a small part of the find was delivered to laboratory of VolSU. Geologists immediately declared that it was sandstone, age which is about 90 million years old. But all doubts are that it truly unique instance, disappeared after the fused sample fell into the hands of a laboratory engineer Valentinine metallographic forensic examination methods Combat. According to Valiulin, after studying the stone Valentine Vasilyevna concluded that in the melted part of the stones, throughout Apparently, an unknown element is contained. As noted in official research paper: “This there are no analogues among the known to science! “However, the battle is so and could not etch the mysterious element that is in melted structure and is the main component of the unknown alloy. He had an unusually high hardness, on average exceeding 80 HRC units. According to chemists, of all known elements and substances the most difficult etched stainless steel, hardness which is 75.8 units. It can be etched in aqua regia for eight seconds, heating to 50 degrees Celsius. A fused sample, found on Bald Mountain, was in royal vodka, heated to 70 degrees, more than a minute. And all that has appeared is incomprehensible film near the melted part. Stone from the Medveditskaya ridge still so far keeps its secrets. According to Volgograd scientists, this alloy formed at temperatures above 2000 degrees Celsius, and unknown chemical element appeared as a result of uncertain while the reaction. But to clarify this issue can only further study. Currently, the periodic table contains 118 elements, six more are already opening, but have not yet received a name. The periodic system is constantly updated by scientists from laboratories Japan, America and the Russian Skolkovo. Only time will tell whether Volgograd scientists will be able to join them. Bye about the “Volgograd element” knows only what it surpasses in hardness materials used in the space industry.

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