Unknown phenomenon: People from whom lights turn off

Unknown Phenomenon: People From Which Lights Turn OffA photo from open sources

53-year-old American housewife told this story researcher Hilary Evans, who has long been engaged in the study of this phenomenon:

“For a long time I could not believe that the lights went out just when I was approximation. I first noticed this oddity when started attending college lectures in the evenings. Several times like as soon as I turned onto my street, the lantern at our house went out. I She didn’t say anything to anyone, because she thought the whole thing was malfunctions. ”

“Then I began to approach the house from another street – from verandas, but soon there too the lights began to go out. I decided that it some striking coincidence. ” Once, for example, she walked home with a friend, and suddenly four lights went out at once. Once the young people passed by, all the lights came on again. ”

“It all goes on, and few believe me until they are convinced myself, ”she said.

Evans receives similar testimonies from around the world. She says that unlike other paranormal phenomena, this the phenomenon does not depend on the faith or disbelief of the people themselves.

Electrical engineer Bill Beaty put forward a theory that perhaps surviving similar experiences are something like “Walking power generators” – that is, their bodies produce significant amount of static electricity, which affects the operation of street lighting.

Many people, for example, produce static electricity, shuffling feet on the carpet. Beaty thinks some people are capable generate electricity by “taking” electrons from the air when every breath.

But if breathing can make us electrically charged, why, in this case, the electrical appliances do not turn off when the approach of each of us? To this Beaty replied that the whole thing, perhaps in some not yet discovered virus that changes lungs individuals and they begin to work as a kind of internal power plants.

And Beatty admitted that he understands – this theory sounds like complete nonsense.

“There are many very strange, incredible things. Some manage to find confirmation, and then they get Nobel Prize, ”he said.

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