Unusual cloud over Alaska

A cloud of unusual shape over AlaskaPhotos from open sources of

Clouds are no less interesting topic than others from the section. paranormal and mysterious phenomena. And we wrote about it more than once, for example, in the article “Reasonable clouds.” Life is also constantly throws up new facts that only confirm the opinion some independent researchers that we even know about the clouds still very few.

For example, a resident of the largest city of Anchorage, which is located on Alaska, sent a photograph to the ufological community Mufon a rather strange cloud that hovered over the local trading Best Buy Center.

As a professional photographer, Bill immediately became interested in a motionless and rather strange in shape object in the sky. Using the camera, he enlarged it, realizing that it wasn’t an advertising balloon, but it was clearly not a drone.

A photo from open sources

Assuming a resident of Alaska wrote that this still a cloud, then from the point of view of our understanding of clouds, it looked rather strange. And not only in form, some symmetry and right angles (all this is unnatural for nature), this the object, at an altitude of about a thousand feet, is completely not moved, although the street was quite strong wind that day. I I watched the object for about ten minutes, and during this time the “cloud” did not just did not budge, but even did not change his shapes as if painted in the sky. Or is it not a cloud at all such?

Bill also wrote that he was not the only one to notice a strange cloud in next to him was a woman who was also surprised at this heavenly phenomenon. An hour later, when Bill went to the mall and came out of there, there was no longer a mysterious cloud in the sky. As noticed photographer, it would be interesting to trace his disappearance – like this happened, but, unfortunately, he did not have time for this.

Here is such an interesting incident occurred with a resident of the city of Anchorage. By the way, the clouds surprise many ordinary people who see something in them angels, then they notice the UFO hiding behind them, then they are generally amazed rationality of the behavior of these nebulae in the sky. And then arises The natural question is whether what we see in the sky is always clouds? You can try to give the answer to this yourself …


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