Unusual double moon photographed in USA

An unusual double moon photographed in the United StatesPhoto from open sources

Full moon February 19, 2019, also called super moon, became an important event for many people on Earth. Natural the satellite approached our planet at a minimum distance, becoming visually larger than usual. Of course, many observers filmed this phenomenon on camera.

Photographer Thomas Spence of Tofta, Minnesota succeeded capture an even more unusual picture during the full moon. The man went in the evening to Lake Superior, where he saw a huge a “ripe” moon hovering low above the horizon. But that is not all. The bright orange night light literally bifurcated in the air. On the one of the shots taken by an American, Selena throws down its reflection, and on the other – merges with the “double”.

A photo from open sources

According to the author of the photos, this is an amazing sight. reminded me of molten lava pouring from heaven somewhere beyond horizon. Spence had never seen anything like it before. When he posted the frames on the World Wide Web, they quickly became viral and scattered across many Web resources.

Such a fantastic landscape was obtained due to the rare atmospheric distortion: the lake was relatively warm a layer of air above which the air was much colder. Thanks to this temperature gradient, an inverted image of the shining moon. French writer Jules Verne called such a mirage “Etruscan vase.” The phenomenon also bears the name “omega” – in the honor of the last letter of the Greek alphabet into which this an unusual mirage is similar.

Moon USA

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