Unusual lake found in Altai edge

An unusual lake was discovered in the Altai TerritoryPhoto from open sources

In the Altai Territory Siberian researchers discovered unexplored lake. This reservoir is located in the Kamensky district and has incredible resemblance to a meteorite crater.

This lake was discovered on satellite images by scientists, when they were preparing for the expedition to the Karakan forest, located in Novosibirsk region. Then the researchers got to the available coordinates to an unexplored object.

Scientists believe that an unusual reservoir formed due to karst process, since next to it they make their way to the surface limestones.

A photo from open sources Green Standard Foundation

Scientists reported that such reservoirs in Siberia is not found, therefore, this finding is of great interest to science and requires further research.

Karakansky forest is mostly a pine forest, which located in several areas of the Novosibirsk region (Ordynsky, Iskitimsky and Suzunsky) and Kamensky district (Altai). Formed boron in the postglacial period. I also call it a forest oasis because of rich nature. In the territory of boron were previously discovered Monuments dating from 3000-4000 BC

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