Unusual phenomenon captured in the Alps, turned out to be a laminar flow

An unusual phenomenon captured in the Alps turned out to be a laminar flowA photo from open sources

Italian Dario Bonzi recently visited the Central Alps and ended up in a mountain valley Val Kamonika. There’s a 28 year old man in at one point I went to a public source – a water column, and … unexpectedly discovered here a very unusual phenomenon. At first our the hero considered a long icicle sticking out of the column, which is very surprised because it wasn’t so cold outside the pouring water froze, and the birds fell dead in flight.

Therefore, in the next moment, touching this mysterious “icicle”, the traveler realized that this is still a stream of ordinary water, which however looked completely static if its not touch. Surprised Bonzie immediately took out a smartphone and captured it a miracle in the video (see the video below). However, turning to the Internet later, our hero learned from experts that we are talking about the long-known science of a natural phenomenon under called laminar flow.

A photo from open sources

In laminar flow, the fluid moves in layers, not mixing and not pulsating, that is, without sudden changes in pressure and speed. To make it so “fantastic” from the first view flow, very clean water is needed, the tube with a smooth inner surface and, of course, lack of wind. If everyone the conditions are met, the water jet will seem frozen, that is static, although in reality it moves uniformly in layers.

Since it was far from possible to observe the laminar flow in life to everyone, we can say that the Italian Dario Bonzi was just lucky, and his video clip about this “miracle of nature” really deserves attention of millions of people …


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