Unusual phenomenon in the form of a luminous circle observed in the sky over Colombia

An unusual phenomenon in the form of a luminous circle was observed in the sky over Colombia.A photo from open sources

Residents of the Colombian city of Veles Department of Santander Steel recently witnessed an incredible phenomenon. Appeared in the clouds a shining circle of enormous size that turned out to be so bright that it was painful to look at him. However, eyewitnesses safely captured the anomaly in the video.

By turning on the video below, you can see the giant a luminous object in the sky, passing on a disk or some strange luminous sphere. It’s immediately clear that this is by no means a cloud, not a rainbow or any other natural known to us phenomenon. Colombians at the sight of such a picture even began to be baptized and pray, and some hastened to take refuge in the buildings, so that a luminous circle in the sky did not harm their health.

When intriguing footage hit the World Wide Web, many users expectedly concluded that this is an activity aliens. According to other commentators, in the sky above Veles opened a portal to another dimension. Finally, others say as if before us is a real miracle of divine nature.

Or maybe this is a “joke” of the military? What do you think?..

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